Behind ourselves we heard the noise
Drowning out his sublime voice
The words were clear and yet not hard
Enough to overrule the “justice's guard”

As they called their tommy guns
Shooting down him who runs
Efface all the hope still there
Bringing souls somewhere good and fair

The ground was filled with blood and tears
The air was stuffed with screams of fear
And up above, in the sky
Their brave, sweet souls were flying high

Reageer (3)

  • Likkepot

    Damn! wow even stil van! topgedicht!!!

    6 jaar geleden
  • Value

    dit is serieus een van de mooiste gedichteb leah het ritme is zo yummie

    6 jaar geleden
  • Papiliones

    Oh die is mooi! En die plaatje is zo mooi erbij!

    6 jaar geleden

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