So he smiles

So he smiles
And so he loves the world.
He sees the colors
And writes sweet stories never told.
And all the worries
Can be overcome
Because he can move mountains.

So he cries
And so he loathes his life
Everyone abandoned him
And he drowns alone in his sorrow.
And he canít move
He is dead inside
Because the joy in everything drained away.

One day he dances and he sings
Then he whispers and he crawls
And bangs his head against the walls
Cause every door he tries is locked.
One day sadness pins him down
Then he runs again and flies
And he succeeds in everything
That no one even dared to try.

What is wrong with him,
He wonders why.
He is either on top of a mountain
Or down in the darkest place
He can be.
And why he is never
Just happy for a while.

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  • niniwa1

    Je schrijft echt mooi.

    7 jaar geleden
  • FaithfulCat

    Beschrijft perfect hoe ik me ook voel... De ene moment kun je alles aan en het andere moment zit je daar alleen en denk je dat je niets kan...
    Mooi hoe je dat zo kunt beschrijven! :)

    7 jaar geleden
  • Puellae


    7 jaar geleden

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