I Change ,Just Like You

One year ago a tought i did everything but i was wrong
In one happens more than you think in your life.
I was a fan of pop music but suddenly my my ears wated more rock
And less pop
I was scared of horror,but it seems to be acctuly fun after i watched it.
High heels was a nightmare but know i walk on it like im walk on air
My make-up was just gloss,but i realized that i liked eyeliner more
Don't blame on me that i'm not the same from a year or even two years ago.
Because one day you will realize one day that you'r not the same from one year or even one weak ago.
But i think that life is just like that.
You'r sure you will always listen to the same bands but thats not the true.
What the real true is is that al thoose things you used to like still have a special place in your heart.

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