A city surrounded by high walls adorned with golden decorations. A luxurious, hypermodern paradise with vegetation out of this world, gardens blooming vibrantly. Magnificent mansions for the elites, with everything they could wish for in close range. But not everything is what it seems...

Welcome to Conqueron.

Cass, a girl from the hidden underground city, realises things are not quite as they seem. Curious and determined, she sets out to find information about the city and its origins. While researching, she becomes entangled more and more in the web of information about what the city is - or used to be.
Will she find the ultimate truth or be consumed by her doubts?

Aidan, the son of Conqueron's ruler, has been indoctrinated by his surroundings all his life. But time will always tell, and especially a certain servant he despises will tell him. While his entire world and what he saw as the truth starts to fall apart and unravel right in front of his eyes, he has to decide his own future.
Will he blindly follow in the footsteps of his father or pick his own path?

- Deelname aan SOTY 2023
- Thema: Enemies & Lovers
- Geschreven in het Engels
- © Catmint
- Cover by DreamerN


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Welcome 50 39 3 maanden geleden
1.1 982 35 3 maanden geleden
1.2 261 24 3 maanden geleden
1.3 1206 24 3 maanden geleden
2.1 932 19 2 maanden geleden
2.2 573 19 2 maanden geleden
3.1 1082 15 2 maanden geleden
3.2 961 16 2 maanden geleden
3.3 1367 15 2 maanden geleden
4.1 1021 11 1 maand geleden
5.1 1111 4 2 weken geleden
5.2 710 4 2 weken geleden
5.3 1333 3 2 weken geleden
5.4 1115 3 2 weken geleden

Reageer (5)

  • Fennec

    When will you continue?

    3 maanden geleden
  • Fennec

    Zo blij dat mensen nog aan SOTY doen :) Ik neem zeker een kijkje. Hoop wel dat ik de interface ooit kan wijzigen want ben geen fan van mobile first

    3 maanden geleden
  • SonOfGondor

    Klinkt interessant!

    3 maanden geleden
  • Frodo

    Abo erbij!

    3 maanden geleden
  • Ringwraith

    Yess dit klinkt goed :Y)

    3 maanden geleden

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