The silence of vengeance.

You know those moments, right?
Those moments when you think you've seen something out of the corner of your eye?
When you think you've seen something that doesn't really seem... right?
Like a shimmer of darkness in that one stranger's eyes?
Or a shadow, that shouldn't (couldn't) possibly actually be there?

No, you shrug those off as figments of your imagination, as illusions of light hitting a surface in certain angles.
The darkness is no illusion. It is no imagination. It is real, and it is closer than ever.

To Thorne Madison, the darkness is an old companion. Part of daily life, nothing he can't handle. It is rising in Greenstone, now, and he needs to go there to contain it.

To Helias Vanparys, the darkness is a beguiling lover. Caressing his shoulder, waiting to pull him under. It is creeping right past his defenses to destroy everything he cares about, and he can only rely on himself to restrain it.

To Freya Ackerman, the darkness is a threat. It is deadly, and it needs to be vanquished, so she can prove that she is worthy. When she sees it in Thorne's eyes, she knows she needs to kill him.

To Fox Timaeus, the darkness is a memory. It is in the past, and it can no longer hurt him. He hears it calling out to him from afar, but he knows he cannot face it.

A/N: This is a revision for a story that was originally called L'appel du vide. Credit for the initial inspiration for this story and the characters of Thorne, Fox and Ava go to my dear, dear friend Lies, who is an absolute bae and an amazing writer. We came up with this story together, I just happen to be the one writing it down. The character of Clark belongs to Xanthe, who is also a great writer and an even greater friend.

16+ for explicit violence and mature themes


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