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Henry Reagan is a cruel asshole, and all of the Queendom of Azmar knows it. Feared by magical and non-magical creatures alike, the people of Azmar don’t know or even care how exactly he became the Bastard General, how he became the Queen’s Dog. Because that is all they see: a man who ruthlessly enforces the anti-magic laws installed decades ago by Azmar’s Queen. A man who carries on his family’s legacy of murder and torture in the name of the Crown.

No one cares to look what lies beyond the surface of the infamous villain they all claim to know – no one, except for Vaillé N’Avale. When the two of them engage in a relationship, everyone in the capital city of Aelley is shocked and appalled. Where Vaillé is sunshine, Henry is thunderclouds – the both of them together make absolutely no sense. After three years of going steady, however, the people of Aelley seem to have grudgingly accepted it, though many refuse to believe this softer side of Henry is anything but an act. ‘She’s melted his frozen heart!’ the romantics proclaim, ‘He’s using her and she’ll end up dead!’ is what the critics shout.

No one really understands the unlikely couple, yet the public is even more shocked and outraged when Henry one day barges into Vaillé’s brother’s tavern to arrest the both of them for high treason.

Based on an RPG by Hyonyeo/Togo.
The characters of Ravi and Vaillé were originally created by Armadillo, I'm just writing my version of their story.


Titel Nieuwste eerst Woorden Gelezen Aangepast
OO. Prologue 1193 8 2 maanden geleden
O1. Spring 4995, Sotan 1621 11 2 maanden geleden

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    Gimme that original Helias

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    Klinkt goed!! (:

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