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'I've been dead for seven years, that's as warm as they get.'

Noah Czerny was a student at Aglionby Academy. He was murdered by his friend Barrington Whelk. After remaining in Henrietta as a ghost for seven years, Noah eventually met Gansey, Ronan and Adam. The four became close friends. Noah is very quiet and introverted. Often, he is shy and nervous, in the face of people, and cowardly when confronted with danger. However, this does not make him unwilling to keep secrets from or for others, or to risk himself to protect those important to him. Noah proves himself to be a loyal, caring friend. Underneath this, Noah is fragile; he is sensitive about his death.

Sometimes it wasn't the energy that failed Noah, it was his courage. 'I was more when I was alive.'

It began another word. There was not enough space left
between the D and the new word, and so the second word
partially obliterated the first. And again, again, again,
across each other:
The writing continued until the driver's side glass was clear,
entirely swept clean by an invisible finger, until there were
so many words that none of them could be read.

Stemming forward, leaning over the hood of the car,
Ronan pressed his finger to the windshield, and while
they watched, he wrote;


What if you slept, and what if in your sleep
you dreamed. And what if in your dream
you went to heaven, and there plucked a strange
and beautiful flower. And what if when you awoke
you had the flower in you hand. Ah, what then?

Noah had enough strength to help her, and he
knelt beside her in a friendly way pawing holes
the dirt for the root balls. At one point, though, she
glanced over in the failing light and caught him
placing an entire plant into the hole and knocking
dirt all over it, blossoms included. 'Noah!'

Because it was Noah and no one else, Gansey
could admit, 'I donít know what Iíll do if I find
him, Noah. I donít know what Iíll be if Iím not
looking for him. I donít know the first thing about
how to be that person again.' Noah put the clay
in Ganseyís hands. 'Thatís exactly how I feel
about the idea of being alive again.'

Without Blue there to make him stronger,
without Gansey there to make him human,
without Ronan there to make him belong,
Noah was a frightening thing.

'I've got the scars from tomorrow, and I wish you could see, you're the antidote to everything except for me.'

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