• De titel zegt het al: ik heb hulp nodig met de titel voor een nieuw verhaal en ik hoop dat jullie me kunnen helpen?

    Een korte samenvatting heb ik eigenlijk niet, omdat mijn plots altijd blijven veranderen tot het einde aan toe, maar ik heb wel al een soort 'inleiding' waaruit men toch wel al wat kan halen, denk ik.

    It was a long time ago. That long, no Men, Lith or Kaleik remembers it nowadays. All mortals have forgotten it and the Elves didnít care about the events beyond their borders, even now, six-hundred seventy-eight years later, they donít care about it. So the only ones left are the Nobles, who are also mortal, but remember the events by the annals preserved in the Royal Library of Valond. And even of them, there are few, not to say none, who are interested in a long forgotten war with a folk that no longer exist. Only the kings do, because they know what has happened. And they know this race still exist.
    The race spoken off, had no name for itself, for they didnít had any contacts with the kingdoms beyond their borders, so they didnít need to give themselves a special name; they all were from the same race. But in the annals of King Archibald the 16th, aka Archibald the Great, they were given a name because in the realm of Valond lived more than three races together. So he gave them the name ĎMittísí.
    This King ordered the royal scribes to write down this Mittís were all killed by him and his men and that he himself had conquered their lands, so that from then, his realm covered the whole continent of Anon. To his successor, besides, Archibald said they werenít overthrown at all. Sure, their towns and fields were destroyed and many of them were killed, but still many of them had survived his attack and despite their peace loving nature, they were planning their revenge. And their revenge would be destroying and ruthless, because it was fed by the anger for this surprise attack, which has happened for no reason.
    Time passed and kings came and gone and yet the south of Anon stayed quiet. The kings had forbidden the people to reside in that land, fearing those strangers would cause the Mittís to realize their wrath sooner. Every king send some of his soldiers to observe the situation in the land of the Mittís and to find out if they were building new towns and if they were planning a war against the murderers of their women and children. But time after time these soldiers came back without being able to report their king something important and because no king wanted the plebs to know about the big lie of Archibaldís heroic deeds, every single soldier who was send out for this mission and returned, never saw the sun again after his audience with his king.

    But now, after 694 years, the time of their return has finally come. And never, never will one call them a legend again...

    Als jullie er niets mee zijn, spijt het me- en anders wil ik graag jullie suggesties horen.
    Alvast bedankt.

    Nowadays we all cry in colours of silver and gold.

    Ik denk iets aan 'Returned'.

    26 - 02 - '16

    The vengeance of the forgottens of -iets simpeler- The revenge of the forgottens

    Zij zingen, nijgen naar elkaar en kussen, geenszins om liefde, maar om de sublieme momenten en het sentiment daartussen.