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    High Schools - and teenagers in general - are known for their clichés, stereotypes and drama. Friends are made and lost, enemies lurk around every corner and teachers are the worst. Here at Borealis, it isn't any different. Or is it?

    ☠            ☠

    Eventhough the Hunter Community is really close, it's still a community. And some people tend to not fit in. Orphans, trouble makers and other unwanted children only have one place to go: Borealis. A school in the middle of the icecold nothing. These kids might be special, they might have abilities, they might have a perfect shot, but they're still kids. So be prepared for all the clichés, stereotypes and drama. Because Borealis is not that different at all ...

    Home. Hell. Same difference.


    Boys - 5
    Username ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Sarn ~ Val(entino) Jack Lyne ~ 18 ~ Popular nice guy/psychopath ~ Kian Lawley ~ 1.4
    Webster ~ Fergus Fraser ~ 19 ~ The Artist ~ Herman Tommeraas ~ 1.4
    Kendol ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Webster ~ Archibald Arlington~ 19 ~ The Anti-Hunter~ Florian Neuville ~ 1.4
    Sameer ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page

    Girls - 7 - STOP
    Username ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Cranston ~ Ailsa Nielsen ~ 17 ~ Bubbles ~ Hermione Corfield ~ 1.4
    Ziegler ~ Tansy Elizabeth Jenner ~ 17 ~ Teacher's pet ~ Oliwia Wedzicha ~ 3
    Eternitarian ~ Nicole 'Sully' Sullivan ~ 17 ~ Firecracker ~ Anna Christine Speckhart ~ 3
    Carneliana ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Yellowstone ~ Hannah Sawyer ~ 17 ~ Clumsy Marshmellow ~ Scarlett Leithold ~ 3
    Sameer ~ Alessandra Flores ~ 18 ~ Wallflower ~ Chiara Scelsi ~ 3
    Soco ~ Eve Marilyn Freyz ~ 16 ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ 1.4
    Iratus ~ Lidiya Delov ~ 16 ~ Follower ~ Maria Almenta Poole ~ 3
    (Status = popular, nerd, athletic, goth, marshmellow, whatevs)
    It's my intention to only play the 'students', but if you want something else, just ask and I'll see what we can do.

    Fill in
    Your role can be really simple. It is allowed to keep it short and you do not have to use a layout. Ofcourse, if you want to; go knock yourself out.
    ❖ Name (any)
    ❖ Age (10 -20) You can play a kid, but do realise that it affects your character's relationships and interaction. Do realise that anyone older than 18 has to have a partner who's at least a year younger. It's possible, but also rare at this school.
    ❖ Nationality (any)
    (❖ Specialties) (not obligated)
    ❖ Looks A picture is enough, but you can always describe more.
    ❖ Personality Traits alone are enough for me, but I recommend a little bit of explanation so it's clear for the others.
    ❖ History It's enough to say why your character is staying at Borealis and for how long. So if you just say orphan, 3 years, that's enough. You can put more if you want to.
    ❖ Relationships (any)

    Yo. I've got some stuff to say, before I start this thing.

    ❖ First of all, this RPG is the third one in the same AU. Do you need to know the other two? Nope. Do you have to keep them in mind? Nope, only the stuff I put in here. If you're interested, you can go take a look, though: here and here.
    ❖ My second and last point is for the people who took a look or already know me and/or my RPGs. They're kind of ... extensive. Okay, no, they can be huge, I cannot make an RPG without a lot of explanation. And yes, this one is not any different. BUT. (Thank God, there's a but). You don't have to read everything. Your role doesn't have to be the size of a thesis and the RPG is actually pretty simple. All the information I'm just giving for myself and whenever someone has a question, will be gray. You do not have to read it. You may, ofcourse, but you can perfectly ignore that shit. I'm completely fine with that.
    Your English does not have to be perfect or even good. Just try if you want to join (:


    Location & Map

    ❖ Russian Siberia (East)
    ❖ Average temp: -10°C
    ❖ Isolated, but large city, around 25km south.
    The winter is very long (half september till the end of april) and very cold. Snow only falls in september and october , but stays the entire winter. Summer is short and hot during the day, cool/cold during the night.
    ❖ Because of the isolation, there are a lot of lone vampires and werewolves. If you don't get the logic - which is probably, bc this sounds weird - just ask me, bc I don't wanna explain right now.

    Location & Map
    The school owns a large area of woods, a lake, sportareas and the buildings. There's also a lot underground. It looks old on the outside, but it's actually quite modern. There's a small airport in the north.
    WiFi & phonesignal

    Up - the image is clickable
    2) Reception
    There's a gate inbetween 1 and 2
    3) Dorms (b) and living space (a) students
    4) Dorms (b) and living space (a) personel
    5) Cafeteria
    6) Dorms and livingspace travelers
    7) Classrooms age 6 - 12
    8) Classrooms age 12 - 6
    9) Music room and theatre

    10) Library
    11) Theoretical classes
    12) Infirmary
    13) Shop
    A) Icehockeyfield
    B) Basketballfields
    C) Running track
    D) Rugbyfield
    E) Football field

    1) This is where all the paperwork occurs.
    2) This is where new students and travelers sign up. It's also where you have to go when you're 'sent to the principal'.
    3) This is where the students sleep and live when they're not doing anything else. Every student has a room and a small bathroom on their own. There are four floors. The first and second floor are for the children between the ages of 6 and 12. The third and fourth floor are for the students between the ages of 13 and 20. The girls sleep on the 1st and 3rd floor, while the boys sleep on the 2nd and 4th floor. Showers are mutual and there's 10 of them on every floor. In the livingspace you have a few large rooms with TV's, pooltables, whatever you can think of.
    4) This is where the teachers and other staffmembers live and sleep. It's similar to that of the students, except there are only two floors. The women sleep on the second floor, while the men sleep on the first. There's only one, large living room.
    5) This is where everybody eats. There's room for about 400 people, so it's never full and everybody can sit where they want. There's always bread and breakfast available. If you want to eat something warm, you'll have to be there between 11 AM and 9 PM (21).
    6) These are the bedrooms of the guests. There aren't many of them, but it suffices. They have seperate rooms with their own bathrooms. There's a small, mutual livingroom.

    7) This is where the smaller children have their 'normal' classes. It's comparable to elementary school.
    8) This is where the teenagers have their 'normal' classes. It's something in between middle and highschool.
    9) This building has two rooms: A music room (with all the instruments you can think off) and a large aula, suitable for around 600 people.
    10) This is the library. Students can study and read here. Besides the normal world books, there are also a lot of books about the Hunter world. Most of them are copies of the originals.
    11) This is where the students get their theoretical classes. Half of the building resembles more of a museum, though.
    12) This is where the sick and injured are treated. They are prepared for a lot, but when someone is hurt really bad, there's always a small airplane or helicopter available.
    13) This is where students can shop. From clothes and toothpaste to weapons, alcohol and sigarettes, you can find almost anything here. And if you can't, you're allowed to order it here as well.
    A - E) Only maintained when used a lot

    1) Archives
    2) Lab 1
    3) Lab 2
    4) Shooting range
    5) Great Hall
    6) Small Hall
    7) Hall of knives
    8) Gym
    9) Fitness
    10) Pool


    Down - Image is clickable
    1) This is where the school keeps all the original books and all the records of every person who has walked through the gates.
    2) This is the research labaratory of the school. It's full of weird stuff and it's very modern, but it lacks WiFi.
    3) This is the weapon development labaratory of the school. It's full of weird stuff and it's very modern, but it lacks WiFi.
    4) This is a large shooting range. It's always kept in top condition.
    5) It resembles a gym, but it has a simulationprogram and all kinds of weaponry.
    6) This resembles a dojo. It's where the close combat classes take place. There are matts and mirrors.
    7) This is the place where you can train with all the non-shooting weapons.
    8) This is just a regular gym. You can play all kinds of sports here.

    ❖ Alcohol is forbidden under the age of 17
    ❖ Cigarettes are forbidden under the age of 15
    ❖ All drugs are forbidden
    ❖ Guns and other shooting weapons aren't allowed outside the shooting range, unless you have permission
    ❖ Students are not allowed to enter the Archives
    ❖ Students are not allowed to leave the terrain without permission
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be in their building between 8:30 PM and 7 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be on their floor between 9:30 PM and 6 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be in their room between 10 PM and 5:30 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be in their building between 10:30 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be on their floor between 11 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be in their room between 12 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students have to pay their respects for every graduated hunter.
    ❖ To avoid misuse of the previous rules, every graduated hunter has to leave the school for at least two years.
    ❖ The rooms will be checked every sunday. Privacy will be kept, but the dorms have to be clean and tidy.
    ❖ No one is allowed to hurt anyone in anyway, unless it's during training.
    ❖ Pets are allowed

    ❖ This isn't a school for every regular hunter. In fact, only three kinds of children end up here:
    - The ones who don't have a Hunter family that is big enough to give them the proper training. They are usually sent by their parents or other family members.
    - Orphans. They are the ones who are discovered and usually don't know anything about Hunters until they arrive at the school.
    - The troublemakers and unwanted. These children are usually so awful their family sent them away to gain some discipline. Most children belong in this group.

    ❖ The school houses children between the age of 6 and 20. That means every child has had the test with the photograph and everyone stays - unless something really serious happened - until their graduation.
    ❖ These children do not excist for the normal world. They don't have valid papers, or those won't be used.
    ❖ At the moment, there are 186 students housed. There are 53 teachers and 16 other staffmembers.

    Although this is a hard environment and there isn't much space for mental issues and care, they are not entirely unreasonable. The children can leave the school.
    ❖ They spend the coldest period of the year (half december - half februari) in a different country. Usually somewhere in Europe or North-America. The school will be divided in groups of maximum 50 and be stationed at a Quarter. This is not a break and the lessons (usually exams) will continue.
    ❖ The schoolyear ends on the 16th of June. It starts again on the 23rd of July.
    ❖ They get to go on a vacation in juli. It's three weeks long and they can choose their own destination (one that's on the list (15)). After these three weeks, school starts again.
    ❖ They often get a few days of during the year.
    ❖ Last winter, they went to Dubhaile, Scotland.
    ❖ Although it's not allowed, there are often parties for the students aged 15 or older. They take place in some of the old, not used buildings further north on the terrain.

    ❖ 6 years old: The children are shown a picture of a vampire. If they cannot see them, they are hunters. This is the age they are allowed at the school.
    Start of theoretic lessons.
    ❖ 8 - 10 years old: The children get their partner - with a maximum age difference of two years, although they try to keep the difference as small as possible - and a small brand of a moon on their right wrist. They start as soon as the youngest of the two turns 8.
    Start of practical lessons.

    ❖ 11 - 13 years old: They get to go on their first hunt, but are not allowed to kill anything - unless it cannot be avoided. They are guided by at least one more experienced hunter couple, who do most of the job.
    Choice of specialisations.*
    Theoretic lessons stop.
    ❖ 14 - 16 years old: They get to go on their first, unguided hunt. This is - after graduation - the highlight of their study. This is the moment their first kill happens. After this day, they go on a hunt every two weeks. They get a larger, but simple tattoo. Whenever they reach a certain amount of kills, the tattoo gets more detailed. (1ste kill, 10de kill, 25ste kill, 50ste kill, 80ste kill 100ste kill, 145ste kill, 200ste kill. After this one, a new tatto will be started.)
    ❖ 18 - 20 years old: They graduate. There's a ceremony each year, but I'm too lazy to think off that. They get another brand of a sun on their left wrist. Afterwards, they get a week to pack their stuff and leave. They are not allowed to come back for at least 2 years. However, they are allowed to keep their contacts and see their friends, just not at school.
    ❖ Ofcourse, not every student arrives at the school at the age of 6. The ones who are older get an adapted cousre. It's usually more intense and a lot more difficult as they get the same amount of time. Students who arrive really late, usually never become true Hunters and will become Teachers or researchers.


    They get a normal education, although it's a bit easier than usual. It's a lot of selfstudy and it's only the basic classes. The older you get, the more you have to do on your own.
    ❖ Math
    ❖ English
    ❖ Russian
    ❖ Science (Chemistry, Physics & Biology)
    ❖ (Human) History
    ❖ Geography


    Every student gets basic training lessons. These are the things the students want to train extra. Another basic lesson is survivaling.
    ❖ History & Research of monsters (H&RM): You'll learn everything there is to know about monsters, which isn't that much. This is a course that is looked down upon and not many students take it. The History part is quite extensive, but there isn't much budget and interest for the research.
    ❖ Firearms; History (FH): This is a course that cannot be taken alone. Students who follow weapondevelopment have to take it, while it's an option for the students who follow the course Firearms; Practice.
    ❖ Handarms; History (HH): This is a course that cannot be taken alone. Students who follow weapondevelopment have to take it, while it's an option for the students who follow the course Handarms; Practice.
    ❖ History & Research of Hunters (H&RH): You'll learn everything there is to know about Hunters, which isn't that much. This is a course that is looked down upon and not many students take it. The History part is quite extensive, but there isn't much budget and interest for the research.
    ❖ Kill & Conquer; Vampires (KCV): This is the course where you'll learn every detail about killing vampires.
    ❖ Kill & Conquer; Werewolves (KCW): This is the course where you'll learn every detail about killing werewolves.
    ❖ Firearms; Practice (FP): You'll learn about guns and everything that shoots. You also learn how to use most of them, and choose a few to specialise in.
    ❖ Handarms; Practice (HP): You'll learn about knives, swords and every weapon that doesn't require munition. You also learn how to use most of them, and choose a few to specialise in.
    ❖ Close Combat (CC): Here you'll learn how to fight when you don't have a weapon.
    ❖ Weapon Development (WD): Here you'll learn how to change, improve or invent weapons of all kinds and other aids for hunting. Students who take this course also have to follow the History of both kinds of weapons.
    ❖ Medicine: This is where you'll learn advanced first aid and everything else you need to know about healing and stuff. The students can choose how many years they'll take this course and when to start, as it's based at level and not at age.
    ❖ Foreign Cooperation (FC): This is already very specific. The students who take this course will be Travelers, which are some kind of ambassadors/negotiators. This course includes at least 2 more languages (choosing from Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish & French), communication and culture & customs. They also take two more short trips to other countries, in octobre and march.


    ❖ They have regular tests
    ❖ There are midterm exams in january and final exams in the last and first two weeks of june.

    ❖ To keep it easy, we'll just use the euro. I don't have a clue what the normal prices are in Russia (1 euro = almost 60 ruble, but idk how much a bottle of water costs, ya know.)
    ❖ Every student gets some pocket money. When they're younger than 12, they get 20 the month. When they're older, they get 40.
    ❖ Kids who still have a family, often get more money sent to them.
    ❖ The students can earn some money when they do chores.

    ❖ There are only teams when the interest is big enough. They play a lot of sports during training, but outside of that it depends. I'll go further on with this if people are interested.




    ❖ At least one of the parents has to be a Hunter as well. That's the only requirement.
    ❖ Hunters cannot turn into a monster.
    ❖ Hunters can recognize monsters, they're more fit physically and they are more resistant to pain and illness.
    ❖ At the proper age, they have to take a test. The results of this test determine the partner. Hunters almost never hunt without their partner and they learn to train together. They can, however, take different courses. Every combination (male x male, male x female, female x female, ...) is possible and there are no restrictions on the relationship between them.
    ❖ There are a few rules every hunter has to keep:
          - Humans have to be kept out at all costs. This means physically, but also by knowledge.
          - Werewolves may not be harmed when they are in human form, unless it's self-defence.
          - One bullet is better than two.
          - Never make a vampire go into a Tantrum on purpose
          - Never hurt a non-feeding member of the Colonies.


    If you've got the time and motivation; you can read everything about vampires and werewolves here. If you don't; just keep this shit in mind:
    ❖ Hunters recognize them because they do not have a reflection or show on images and film. This is uniquely for Hunters.
    ❖ They can die when you cut of their head, damage their heart enough or put them on fire.
    ❖ Their biggest weakness is sunlight for young vampires, and elektricity for them all. And fire, but that's kind of everybody's weakness.
    ❖ Hunters recognize them because their irises are completely black (not their entire eyes, just the colourpart). Only Hunters can see this.
    ❖ They can die whenever you hurt them enough.
    ❖ Only changed werewolves are a target. It's forbidden to kill a werewolf in humanform, unless it's self-defense.
    ❖ Their biggest weakness is silver.


    ❖ Only Tamatoa is allowed to open new topics, unles I ask differently
    Whenever there is an issue, send me and/or the person involved a pb or gb. Don't put it in the topic. This is not to silence anything, but I've seen (and have been on both sides, I'll admit that) it happen when someone points something out, a lot of people react to it. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can feel like an attack and I want to avoid that. Long story short; I'm sick of the drama, whether watching it, or being part of it. This does not apply to questions. (Don't spam me)
    ❖ Maximum three characters, with at least two different sexes
    ❖ OOC clearly indicated or do it in the Talktopic
    ❖ Mentioned in your post: Who, where and with whom. A special lay-out is not obligated.
    ❖ Your post only has to be at least 50 words. That's almost nothing, so I hope there will be more posts, as they are less time consuming.
    ❖ Posts and roles have to be in English. Everything else doesn't really matter. You can choose
    ❖ If you need more information about RPG'ing, go check this out


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          Wauw, dit is de eerste keer dat ik geen lay-out ga gebruiken. Zoveel lifechanges.

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    Heaven is a place that we all have

    Zijn nu de rollen vol?
    Of kan het nog.
    {Als dit vermeld is, mijn Engels is niet op zijn best}
    Zou ik anders nog een vrouw mogen?

    ''With all due respect, which is none...''

    Carneliana schreef:
    Zijn nu de rollen vol?
    Of kan het nog.
    {Als dit vermeld is, mijn Engels is niet op zijn best}
    Zou ik anders nog een vrouw mogen?

    Je staat erbij!


    H A N N A H      S A W Y E R
    C L U M S Y      M A R S H M E L L O W


    "my soulmate is somewhere out there — pushing a pull door"

    P E R S O N A L I T Y

    Hannah, soft on the inside, soft on the outside: marshmellow (this sounds like an advertisement haha).
          Hannah is an extrovert and lively girl, who is known for her charming personality. She can enjoy the little things, but she likes expensive stuff even more. (The sunset is beautiful from her window, but so much better when sitting on the beach with a cocktail). You will know whenever she's around; is it not her noisy presence, it will be her contagious laughter. It is also meant to be she'll do somehting clumsy once a day; looking for her phone in the fridge, drinking Coca Cola in a mug, wearing her clothes inside out, et cetera. Although she looks like a fine, petite girl, she can be bold too. Her astuteness is what makes her mighty (because she's not that physically strong). She's also brave, but not superfluous (she knows her limits) Though, she's still naive and believes in the good of people.

    Hannah can be annoying, because she's lazy and too stubborn too give in. If she doesn't want to do something, she won't do it. If she want to do something, she'll do it. No. Matter. What. (But she's charming enough to get things done.)
          She can also easily annoy people, because she whines a lot if something doesn't happen her way. She will keep whining until you tape her mouth or just give in (though the first option will not be a long term solution). Apart from her stubbornness, she can be a amusing and pleasant person. She's quite social, but knows when to shut her mouth (whining is an exception). When you got to know her better, you'll see she's a true, foolish idiot, not knowing what to do with life. She doesn't have plans for the future, because she doesn't care (and also becaushe she's unpredictable).

    This is not very long and well written, because I don't know how to write in English, because I want to use sayings, but I don't know any English sayings, only Dutch ones (and no, literal translations are sadly not an option). This is not going to be easy, ahah.

    A P P E A R A N C E


    "an apple a day keeps keeps anyone away — if you throw it hard enough"

    N A M E

    Hannah. No nicknames, just Hannah (with a H at the end).

    A G E

    17. Birthday: the 30th of December.

    S T A T U S

    Clumsy marshmellow.

    H I S T O R Y

    — Family
    — Youth
    — Spare time

    "i do not get drunk — i get awesome"

    R E L A T I O N S H I P S


    E X T R A


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    i can swear, i can joke – i say what's on my mind if i drink if I smoke – i keep up with the guys

    Nicole       Sully       Sullivan
    She looks like ice but tastes like fire


    • Name
    Nicole Sullivan

    Nicole lives her life as Sully. This is not a nickname to her — but the only name she listens to.

    The biggest why, is because of her mother. It was her middle name, and her father has never called her that. Her grandmother used to call her Sully, and that slowly came to mean more to her than Nicole.

    • Age
    Sully is seventeen Winters young. Born on the 6th of December.

    • Status

    Sully is a cold firecracker. She only starts a fire when there's some sort of friction. When she's out being the hunter she is — she's all smoke and flames. She can go from a zero to a hundred real quick and burn up slowly after that. If you leave her alone, that won't happen as fast. But she's still the firecracker precisely because people know how easily you can get her to burn.

    • Nationality
    French / British

    Sully's mother was a French mademoiselle — whilst her father is derived from English roots. They met in Germany during a gathering of hunters. Sully is raised both French and British.

    She wore a smile —
    like a loaded gun

    • Personality
    Cold, fierce, brutal, private, elegant, discrete, passionate, headstrong, somewhat charming, straight to the point, sarcastic form of humor,
    protective, calculating, fighter

    She shows only what lays upon her surface: a cold, well raised young lady who knows what's expected from her. But, of course, that's not all there is to Sully Sullivan. She has the heart of a lion and is smarter than most give her credit for. Sully is not that into human contact, but she's not made of stone (as some would like to think). Once she lures you in with some of her wit and charm, you're doomed. Kidding. Sully is tender hearted, deep down. She cares about more than you'd imagine — and she understands. She knows what its like to hurt, to be belittled, to not fit in. Sully can be a crushing wall if you don't treat her right — you better know that — but she is so much more. If only you dare to look past her insults, or brutal acts, you can see the actual young woman she is. And that's a sarcastic fuck with one hell of a sense of humor. She'll protect you with her life, or better; watch over you like a momma bear against those who try to hurt you.
    I wonder what should scare you more. An angry vampire, or a bloodthirsty Sully.
    If she happens to be in a bad mood: abandon all thy hope. Or, just walk away and certainly don't try to make matters worse. A mad Sully is like a forest fire: she'll swallow you whole. It doesn't happen often, but you should never try to get her in that mood. All that discrete calmness will literally go up in flames.
    There are only a few capable to ease her down when she's like that.

    • Classes
    —— Lessons
    • Russian
    • Human History

    These are the only courses she still takes: all the others she already passed.

    —— Specalisations
    • Medicine
    • Kill & Conquer; Vampires (KCV)
    • Kill & Conquer; Werewolves (KCW)
    • Handarms; Practice (HP)
    • Close Combat; (CC)

    Sully is more old school than she'd admit. She prefers to fight with weapons that can't maulfunction and that's why she doesn't take firearms classes (anymore).

    • Appearance
    Auburn hair, fair skin, blue/green eyes, 170 centimeters, muscled, moves gracefully, covered in little scars

    She's beautifully intimidating: already too much woman for most to handle. You wouldn't really think of that if you saw her, though. Sully prefers to wear plain colored, shapeless clothing. Only when she trains or actually has to look like a hunter she shows off her slim yet toned body and the elegance in which it moves. She's not an idle girl at all and won't wear make—up under any condition.
    Sully wears her partner sign on her neck, and she's seemingly proud of it.

    Don't worry mother —
    your daughter is a soldier

    • History
    Mother | Beaudine Nicole Sullivan—Demeroux | deceased
    Father | Arthur Sullivan

    Beaudine and Arthur were very happily married and lived in the heart of Paris when they welcomed their first child into the world. The fairytale didn't last long — as there were a lot of complications with Sully's birth. Her mother didn't survive it. To cut a long story short: Sully was to blame. Her father couldn't look at her, or take care of her, so he had others raise her. At the age of two, when her father couldn't bear living with her anymore, he had her moved to England: to his parents. They took her in and cared for her, which affected her greatly. Sully was raised in old fashioned ways. When her grandmother passed away due to old age, they decided to bring her to Borealis. She was too much for her grandfather alone, and that's the first thing they seemed to have done out of love.
    Sully thus has been at the school for quite some time. It's the only home she's ever known.

    • Talents
    — Distance
    She's very good at long—distance fighting. It gives her the time to calculate one's next move — and prepare. This also gives her space to seek out the weaknesses of her opponent. If you want to stand a change into a fight with Sully, you make sure there's not much distance between her and you.

    — Handarms
    She can hit anything and anyone with a pocket knife or sword. Up close she knows exactly where to stab you too, though. Just — if it's a fight without firearms: it's going to be a very difficult battle. It's one of the few things she's actually extremely lethal with. She prefers smaller weapons over the bigger ones.

    • Relations
    –– Fergus Fraser • Partner
    Fergus and Sully are partners. They have been since Sully's age of nine. She wasn't ready to be bound to someone — up until then she'd been abandoned by everyone — but their test results didn't lie. They matched. Especially when it comes down to fighting together. They compliment each others strengths and fill up one another's weak spots. It's quite hard to believe that they are two different thinking people when you see them in action. That's what marks them.
          Outside of training and other, hunter related business it took Sully awhile to completely adjust to having Fergus around. But she eventually let him in. She trusts him, not only with her bare back but also her thoughts. Their friendship has done a lot of mutual growing over the passing years — as Sully is not the easiest person to be around — but they have their little moments, and they work just as good together in their everyday life as they would hunter wise.
          Some time back Sully and Fergus ended up sleeping with each other. This is something they haven't spoken about, or mentioned, ever since. Sully doesn't regret it, but she believes Fergus to deserve someone much better than herself. And therefore doesn't want to recall anything that could enlarge these feelings — such as talking about it.

          –– Archibald Arlington
    They're not friends, if you'd ask Sully. But she cares about him. Not that you'd be able to tell. As someone who loves the art of battle — Sully kind of pitied the boy. Her first motive to take him under her wing was thus to overcome that. Least to say she doesn't pity him at all anymore. He isn't a great hunter — but that's all. Archie isn't a quick learner, let alone improving, but that doesn't keep her from training the shit out of him. Sully kind of wants to go against the odds with him. She enjoys being around Archie, because he's intellectually stimulating and offers her another perspective on the world. She's the only teacher, if you could say so, who hasn't given up on him. Ever. Not because she believes he'll be able to do it — but because she wants to make sure he does.
          Sully is his mentor, and the one who slams other peoples heads down a locker when they make fun of him.

    • Extra
    — Likes
    Horror movies, thunder & lightning, knives, alcohol, cold, mythology, sunsets
    — Dislikes
    Orders, clingy people, her father, syrup, lies, crying

    — Languages
    • English (native)
    • French (fluently)
    • Russian (alright)

    — Secrets
    Sully's cold, because both her parents abandoned her. Though she blames herself for the unfortunate passing of her mother — she's never been able to look her father in the eyes. She's so angry, because the person who should care most about her just gave her away without a second thought. Sully struggles with herself on a daily basis. She's grown accustomed to being alone. Even with her grandparents, she was barely better off. When her grandmother was still alive things were somewhat better — but it was never home. Sully's grandfather had quite a bad temper and his way of raising was not very pleasant. He could be very violent at times. She'd been hurt a great deal before she arrived at Borealis. It was a relief when he, too, died. All of those sealed away emotions get out when she trains or goes on missions: that's the only time she lets it out, because she doesn't know any other way. It can be scary to see her like that, because you wouldn't expect a girl her age to have so much rage inside. But she does. And she carries it all alone, even when she knows she doesn't have to.

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    Lumine lunae ducta


    Tansy: From the name of the flower, which is derived via Old French from Late Latin tanacita
    Elizabeth: From Ελισαβετ (Elisabet), the Greek form of the Hebrew name אֱלִישֶׁבַע ('Elisheva') meaning "my God is an oath" or perhaps "my God is abundance".
    Jenner: Derived from the name Januarius

    Tansy is zeventien jaar oud. Ze verjaart op 19 mei.

    Tansy staat bekend als de Teacher's Pet, doordat ze altijd goed meedoet in de les en volgens velen nogal slijmt bij de docenten. Tansy heeft vrede met deze status, aangezien ze er trots op is dat ze een goede leerling is.



    Arrogant • Caring • Challenging • Clever • Confident • Curious • Dependent • Disciplined • Dramatic • Focused • Hardworking • Intelligent • Jealous • Obsessive • Manipulative • Negative • Impatient • Devoted • Vengeful • Cold • Stubborn

    Tansy is het type leerling dat iedereen docent wel in de klas zou willen hebben. Ze is een oplettende, hardwerkende leerling die zich overal 100% voor inzet.
    Ze gaat bij wijze van spreken altijd voor een 11 in plaats van een 10. Echter, niet alle klasgenoten genieten zo van haar. Ze is een echte studiebol en heeft een hekel aan luie leerlingen. Ze is intelligent en weet dat van zichzelf, waardoor ze nog weleens bijdehand over kan komen. Dit geeft haar dan ook een behoorlijke arrogante en verwaande houding.
          Tansy is een rasechte perfectionist. Ze rust niet totdat ze iets volledig beheerst en dat heeft niet altijd een positief effect op haar gesteldheid. Ze kan obsessief met school en zaken bezig zijn en is amper uit die sleur te halen. Tansy heeft een koude en afstandelijke uitstraling naar mensen toe. Ze laat anderen niet snel toe en praat nooit over haar gevoelens.Het maakt haar dan ook weinig uit of mensen haar mogen of niet. Ze vindt het niet erg om alleen door het leven te gaan. Ze ziet veel mensen eerder als een last dan een toegevoegde waarde.
          Als je ooit iets verkeerds doet bij Tansy, moet je oppassen. Haar tweede naam is praktisch wraak. Daarnaast is ze erg ongeduldig en koppig ingesteld. Ze is altijd overtuigd van haar eigen gelijk. Toch is Tansy wel iemand die betrouwbaar en zorgzaam is. Als ze je als vriend(in) beschouwt, is ze ontzettend loyaal en zal ze door het vuur gaan voor je.


    Father: Benjamin George Jenner | 51
    Mother: Catherine Jolene Jenner (Née Powers) | 48
    Brother: Christopher Richard Jenner | 23
    Brother: Sebastian Nicolas Jenner | 21
    Brother: Robert Damian Jenner | 19

    Tansy is de jongste van vier kinderen, waarvan zij het enige meisje is. Ze is dus opgegroeid met drie oudere broers en heeft daar zowel de voor- als nadelen van gekend. Benjamin en Catherine zijn beiden hunters, maar zijn niet bepaald de rijkste te noemen. Om geld te besparen en hun kinderen goede educatie te bieden, zijn alle vier de kinderen naar Borealis gestuurd. Tansy heeft nooit een bijzondere relatie gehad met haar broers. Ze pesten haar flink (zoals oudere broers dat kunnen), waardoor Tansy altijd heeft moeten vechten om überhaupt wat te zeggen hebben thuis. Uiteraard hadden haar broers het beste voor met hun jongere zusje, waardoor ze wel beschermend waren tegenover haar. Tansy had hier nooit behoefte aan, maar kon er niet aan ontsnappen. Qua relatie is die met haar oudste broer Christopher het beste. Tansy begreep de andere twee nooit zo goed, waardoor ze veel afstand nam naar hen toe.


    Angsten: Wespen
    Allergieën: Geen, voor zover bekend
    Talen: Engels, een beetje Frans en Duits
    Seksualiteit: Tansy heeft eigenlijk geen idee. Ze is nog nooit echt verliefd geweest en heeft zich nog nooit echt bewust aangetrokken gevoeld tot iemand.
    Voorkeurshand: Tansy is rechtshandig
    Tics: Op haar onderlip bijten als ze nadenkt

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    Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking

    Ik wil graag een dude reserveren.

    kindness is never a burden.

    Sameer schreef:
    Ik wil graag een dude reserveren.

    Staat erbij ^^


    Alessandra Flores

    — Looks
    • Tall and slender; about 1m82
    • Doesn't wear make-up ever
    • Either puts her hair in a ponytail or lets it loose
    • Tomboy-ish style; never wears skirts, dresses or heels
    • Most comfortable in baggy old-looking jeans and an oversized t-shirt
    • Doesn't wear bras unless she has to
    • Pierced earlobes and one helix on the right side
    • Has a great smile
    • Talks lower than most girls
    • Has the Hunter tats (most recent one being the 100th), but no others

    — Personality
    • Not very social; doesn't start conversations often, which make her seem more distant than she actually is
    • Kind person; always friendly, genuine smile when you approach her, always happy to see you
    • Regards everything from a distance; analytical, calculating
    • Very loyal towards friends — yet family is different and a touchy subject
    • Doesn't mind talking about herself, but never does it herself — meaning, she answers personal questions or will tell you more if you ask, but she'll never turn the conversation around to take about her herself
    • If she's not busy, good listener
    • Handy; likes working with her hands
    • Has very clear opinions on certain things, not easily persuaded, doesn't change her mind often, stubborn to a certain extent
    • Doesn't mind being alone; likes her space
    • When she's mad, she furious
    • Tempered; she gets angry over little things or sometimes completely out of the blue
    • Concentration issues; spaces out easily
    • Like staying in, but likes going out as well
    • In short: seems complicated and hard to figure out, but if you take the time, you'll be fine

    — History
          Alex was born as the only daughter of a young Healer-Teacher Hunters couple, Emilio Flores and Patrícia Martines. Her parents met in Brazil, when her father was there on a trip with his family. He was immediately enchanted by the Brazilian Teacher and they quickly fell in love. When he found out Patrícia was pregnant, he took her with him back to Italy where they married. Emilio promised his wife a great life together, far away from her nonsupporting family, yet that dream was cut short when Patrícia died shortly after childbirth.
          Emilio tried to raise Alex on his own and moved to Scotland where the need for Healers was greater, but his life was also cut short when he was murdered during a break-in. Alex was put into foster care at the age of 1,5 and stayed with two other families before the Quill family. Because she was a very difficult baby due to the PTSD that was caused by her father's death, she needed a lot of attention and the families couldn't always give her that. And even though the Quill family didn't really deal well with the illness either, they managed better than the other families. But then Val joined the family and it all went sort of downhill. Suddenly Alex had to share the attention with another and even though she was never a selfish child, it did make her very angry.
          The anger didn't go away when Val was sent to Borealis either. The PTSD — which only worsened because of her life as a Hunter and the hard education she received — made her aggressive for no reason and combined with teen angst, she was also shipped off to Russia not long after.
          She now has two other brothers and while Val seems very fond of them, Alex has discovered herself to not be a family person so she doesn't really think much of them.

    — Relationships
    • Val | Foster brother      She used to blame him for her bad childhood and even hated him for hurting her when they were younger, but now they both matured and they are able to talk normally and almost as real siblings to each other. She doesn't particularly like him — especially not because she sees right through his bullshit at Borealis — but she doesn't want him out of her life forever either. He's the only person she considers as family right now.

    • Sully | Rival      Their different opinions on certain matters, left them both not seeing eye to eye. What's left is a bit of rivalry, caused by Sully's unforgiving temper and Alessandra's pity for the other girl — who doesn't appreciate that at all.

    • Archie | Friends      They both help each other out emotionally. She once found him during a panic attack and ever since the two have taken a liking to each other.

    • Fergus | Mechanical buddies & sparring partners      Fergus and Alessandra share a passion for everything mechanical. They are often found together working on cars and motors in the school's garage. They are also training partners during the Close Combat part of their education and help each other out during Weapon Development classes.

    • Ailsa | Brother's ex-girlfriend      Alessandra can't help it; anyone stupid enough to date her brother is not in the right mind. She however does feel sorry for Ailsa as well and only hopes Ailsa knows who Val really is so she doesn't get hurt.

    — Extra
    • Likes: Coffee, autumn, winter, sweaters, wide short sleeved shirts, taking off your bra after a long day, motors, thinking, using her hands.
    • Dislikes: Pressure, stress, rudeness, being the center of attention, too much critic, cinnamon.
    • Interests: Motors, reading, working, being busy.
    • Sexuality: Gay, open to a certain extent. Won't deny it, but won't shout it from the rooftops either.
    • PTSD: She suffers from PTSD due to her difficult childhood. She has trouble sleeping, gets anger for no reason and sometimes has concentration issues such as spacing out during conversations.

    — Name
          Alessandra Flores. She isn't named after someone special, since she came from an ordinary Hunter's family and not one of the big ones. After her family died and she was put in foster care, she didn't bother adopting her new family's name either since it wasn't certain she would stay with them longtime. Ultimately, when she was sent to Borealis, she was glad she didn't.
          Her nickname is Alex. She doesn't really mind whether people call her by her full name or nickname.

    • Meaning & origin:
          Alessandra | defending men • Italian/Spanish
          Flores | flower • Spanish

    — Age
          19, born on 14. September.

    — Nationality

    • Ethnic:

    — Status
          The best thing to call her is a wallflower. She sees a lot and knows a lot, but is not the most social person. Yet, she isn't a loner nor is she shy, so don't get confused.

    — Specialties
          She takes most of the classes, even the theoretic ones no one takes. She's actually really good at the practice classes, but as her teachers are pushing her towards becoming an actual fighting Hunter whilst she wants to focus on Weapon Development after Borealis, she's failing most of them on purpose. Don't let that fool you into thinking she's a bad fighter, though.

    • Best classes:
          Weapon Development
          Firearms; History
          Handarms; History
          Close Combat

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    kindness is never a burden.

    Mag ik een vrouw?

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    Some people in your life come as blessings, others come in your life as lessons.

    I'm in. Can I get a girl? FC: Maria Almenta, and I... will think about the status thing.

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    i wanna vincent van gogh cry in a corner

    ^ jullie zijn allebei goedgekeurd, maar moest er nog iemand bijkomen en die twijfelt over het geslacht, dan motiveer ik die persoon om een man/jongen te kiezen ^^


    IK ZOU GRAAG DE ROLLEN - tenzij je een geldige reden hebt om pas later te beginnen, zoals geen computer hebben of op kamp zitten - IN HET WEEKEND AF ZIEN ^^


    Sometimes, quiet is is violent. I find it hard to hide it, my pride is no longer inside, it's on my sleeve, my skin will scream, reminding me of who I killed inside my dream.


    What on a hunt is most important for Lidiya is that her leader is safe. She never makes plans herself, and hell, she doesn't do things without permission because she just can't. She's never completely on her own. You might think she's a loner, because she is silent and calm and doesn't say that much, but she needs other people, because she doesn't even have willpower. The only thing she does is listen and do what her leader says and yes, if she knows what to do she tries as hard as she can to do it as good as possible.
          And, by the way, I know this explanation is not that good but I've just finished my first year at my secondary school, so please don't be critical 'bout this stuff, because I hate criticism. Thank you.

    Since I'm to lazy for that, let's say she grew up in an orphanage en was sent to Borealis when she was six. Tadaa. I know it's cliché but I'm tired of all this English so yeah. Sorry for that.

    Does anyone want?

    16 years | Hunter | FC: Maria Almenta

    Name Lidiya Delov.
    Meaning From Lydia, Greece. Lidiya doesn't like this meaning, to be honest -- she thinks it's boring -- but that doesn't really matter. It's only a meaning anyways.
    Nicknames Most people just say Lyd -- which she doesn't like. She thinks nicknames are annoying.

    Date of birth December 7th.
    Age Lidiya's sixteen years old.

    Role Hunter aka student.
    Nationality Lidiya's from Russia.
    Gender She's a woman.
    Status Lidiya's a typical follower.

    Weapons If there's one thing that Lidiya really likes, then it's the knifes, and especially for throwing, even though she also is very good in fighting with a knife from close distance (haha I don't know if this English is correct but I don't care at the moment).
    Body Lidiya is tall, healthy and she trains everyday: of course she's strong, fast and in a good condition.
    Theory Even though Lidiya is smart, her fantasy isn't that big, and this just makes her a follower. She waits until the leader says what she has to do, and make plans herself isn't her strongest point.

    Sorrynotsorry voor de slordigheid ik was lui enn aan de foto kun je wel zien oe ze eruitziet enzo, ze is 1,74 voor de mensen die het willen weten

    i wanna vincent van gogh cry in a corner