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    High Schools - and teenagers in general - are known for their clichés, stereotypes and drama. Friends are made and lost, enemies lurk around every corner and teachers are the worst. Here at Borealis, it isn't any different. Or is it?

    ☠            ☠

    Eventhough the Hunter Community is really close, it's still a community. And some people tend to not fit in. Orphans, trouble makers and other unwanted children only have one place to go: Borealis. A school in the middle of the icecold nothing. These kids might be special, they might have abilities, they might have a perfect shot, but they're still kids. So be prepared for all the clichés, stereotypes and drama. Because Borealis is not that different at all ...

    Home. Hell. Same difference.


    Boys - 5
    Username ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Sarn ~ Val(entino) Jack Lyne ~ 18 ~ Popular nice guy/psychopath ~ Kian Lawley ~ 1.4
    Webster ~ Fergus Fraser ~ 19 ~ The Artist ~ Herman Tommeraas ~ 1.4
    Kendol ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Webster ~ Archibald Arlington~ 19 ~ The Anti-Hunter~ Florian Neuville ~ 1.4
    Sameer ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page

    Girls - 7 - STOP
    Username ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Cranston ~ Ailsa Nielsen ~ 17 ~ Bubbles ~ Hermione Corfield ~ 1.4
    Ziegler ~ Tansy Elizabeth Jenner ~ 17 ~ Teacher's pet ~ Oliwia Wedzicha ~ 3
    Eternitarian ~ Nicole 'Sully' Sullivan ~ 17 ~ Firecracker ~ Anna Christine Speckhart ~ 3
    Carneliana ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Yellowstone ~ Hannah Sawyer ~ 17 ~ Clumsy Marshmellow ~ Scarlett Leithold ~ 3
    Sameer ~ Alessandra Flores ~ 18 ~ Wallflower ~ Chiara Scelsi ~ 3
    Soco ~ Eve Marilyn Freyz ~ 16 ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ 1.4
    Iratus ~ Lidiya Delov ~ 16 ~ Follower ~ Maria Almenta Poole ~ 3
    (Status = popular, nerd, athletic, goth, marshmellow, whatevs)
    It's my intention to only play the 'students', but if you want something else, just ask and I'll see what we can do.

    Fill in
    Your role can be really simple. It is allowed to keep it short and you do not have to use a layout. Ofcourse, if you want to; go knock yourself out.
    ❖ Name (any)
    ❖ Age (10 -20) You can play a kid, but do realise that it affects your character's relationships and interaction. Do realise that anyone older than 18 has to have a partner who's at least a year younger. It's possible, but also rare at this school.
    ❖ Nationality (any)
    (❖ Specialties) (not obligated)
    ❖ Looks A picture is enough, but you can always describe more.
    ❖ Personality Traits alone are enough for me, but I recommend a little bit of explanation so it's clear for the others.
    ❖ History It's enough to say why your character is staying at Borealis and for how long. So if you just say orphan, 3 years, that's enough. You can put more if you want to.
    ❖ Relationships (any)

    Yo. I've got some stuff to say, before I start this thing.

    ❖ First of all, this RPG is the third one in the same AU. Do you need to know the other two? Nope. Do you have to keep them in mind? Nope, only the stuff I put in here. If you're interested, you can go take a look, though: here and here.
    ❖ My second and last point is for the people who took a look or already know me and/or my RPGs. They're kind of ... extensive. Okay, no, they can be huge, I cannot make an RPG without a lot of explanation. And yes, this one is not any different. BUT. (Thank God, there's a but). You don't have to read everything. Your role doesn't have to be the size of a thesis and the RPG is actually pretty simple. All the information I'm just giving for myself and whenever someone has a question, will be gray. You do not have to read it. You may, ofcourse, but you can perfectly ignore that shit. I'm completely fine with that.
    Your English does not have to be perfect or even good. Just try if you want to join (:


    Location & Map

    ❖ Russian Siberia (East)
    ❖ Average temp: -10°C
    ❖ Isolated, but large city, around 25km south.
    The winter is very long (half september till the end of april) and very cold. Snow only falls in september and october , but stays the entire winter. Summer is short and hot during the day, cool/cold during the night.
    ❖ Because of the isolation, there are a lot of lone vampires and werewolves. If you don't get the logic - which is probably, bc this sounds weird - just ask me, bc I don't wanna explain right now.

    Location & Map
    The school owns a large area of woods, a lake, sportareas and the buildings. There's also a lot underground. It looks old on the outside, but it's actually quite modern. There's a small airport in the north.
    WiFi & phonesignal

    Up - the image is clickable
    2) Reception
    There's a gate inbetween 1 and 2
    3) Dorms (b) and living space (a) students
    4) Dorms (b) and living space (a) personel
    5) Cafeteria
    6) Dorms and livingspace travelers
    7) Classrooms age 6 - 12
    8) Classrooms age 12 - 6
    9) Music room and theatre

    10) Library
    11) Theoretical classes
    12) Infirmary
    13) Shop
    A) Icehockeyfield
    B) Basketballfields
    C) Running track
    D) Rugbyfield
    E) Football field

    1) This is where all the paperwork occurs.
    2) This is where new students and travelers sign up. It's also where you have to go when you're 'sent to the principal'.
    3) This is where the students sleep and live when they're not doing anything else. Every student has a room and a small bathroom on their own. There are four floors. The first and second floor are for the children between the ages of 6 and 12. The third and fourth floor are for the students between the ages of 13 and 20. The girls sleep on the 1st and 3rd floor, while the boys sleep on the 2nd and 4th floor. Showers are mutual and there's 10 of them on every floor. In the livingspace you have a few large rooms with TV's, pooltables, whatever you can think of.
    4) This is where the teachers and other staffmembers live and sleep. It's similar to that of the students, except there are only two floors. The women sleep on the second floor, while the men sleep on the first. There's only one, large living room.
    5) This is where everybody eats. There's room for about 400 people, so it's never full and everybody can sit where they want. There's always bread and breakfast available. If you want to eat something warm, you'll have to be there between 11 AM and 9 PM (21).
    6) These are the bedrooms of the guests. There aren't many of them, but it suffices. They have seperate rooms with their own bathrooms. There's a small, mutual livingroom.

    7) This is where the smaller children have their 'normal' classes. It's comparable to elementary school.
    8) This is where the teenagers have their 'normal' classes. It's something in between middle and highschool.
    9) This building has two rooms: A music room (with all the instruments you can think off) and a large aula, suitable for around 600 people.
    10) This is the library. Students can study and read here. Besides the normal world books, there are also a lot of books about the Hunter world. Most of them are copies of the originals.
    11) This is where the students get their theoretical classes. Half of the building resembles more of a museum, though.
    12) This is where the sick and injured are treated. They are prepared for a lot, but when someone is hurt really bad, there's always a small airplane or helicopter available.
    13) This is where students can shop. From clothes and toothpaste to weapons, alcohol and sigarettes, you can find almost anything here. And if you can't, you're allowed to order it here as well.
    A - E) Only maintained when used a lot

    1) Archives
    2) Lab 1
    3) Lab 2
    4) Shooting range
    5) Great Hall
    6) Small Hall
    7) Hall of knives
    8) Gym
    9) Fitness
    10) Pool


    Down - Image is clickable
    1) This is where the school keeps all the original books and all the records of every person who has walked through the gates.
    2) This is the research labaratory of the school. It's full of weird stuff and it's very modern, but it lacks WiFi.
    3) This is the weapon development labaratory of the school. It's full of weird stuff and it's very modern, but it lacks WiFi.
    4) This is a large shooting range. It's always kept in top condition.
    5) It resembles a gym, but it has a simulationprogram and all kinds of weaponry.
    6) This resembles a dojo. It's where the close combat classes take place. There are matts and mirrors.
    7) This is the place where you can train with all the non-shooting weapons.
    8) This is just a regular gym. You can play all kinds of sports here.

    ❖ Alcohol is forbidden under the age of 17
    ❖ Cigarettes are forbidden under the age of 15
    ❖ All drugs are forbidden
    ❖ Guns and other shooting weapons aren't allowed outside the shooting range, unless you have permission
    ❖ Students are not allowed to enter the Archives
    ❖ Students are not allowed to leave the terrain without permission
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be in their building between 8:30 PM and 7 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be on their floor between 9:30 PM and 6 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be in their room between 10 PM and 5:30 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be in their building between 10:30 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be on their floor between 11 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be in their room between 12 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students have to pay their respects for every graduated hunter.
    ❖ To avoid misuse of the previous rules, every graduated hunter has to leave the school for at least two years.
    ❖ The rooms will be checked every sunday. Privacy will be kept, but the dorms have to be clean and tidy.
    ❖ No one is allowed to hurt anyone in anyway, unless it's during training.
    ❖ Pets are allowed

    ❖ This isn't a school for every regular hunter. In fact, only three kinds of children end up here:
    - The ones who don't have a Hunter family that is big enough to give them the proper training. They are usually sent by their parents or other family members.
    - Orphans. They are the ones who are discovered and usually don't know anything about Hunters until they arrive at the school.
    - The troublemakers and unwanted. These children are usually so awful their family sent them away to gain some discipline. Most children belong in this group.

    ❖ The school houses children between the age of 6 and 20. That means every child has had the test with the photograph and everyone stays - unless something really serious happened - until their graduation.
    ❖ These children do not excist for the normal world. They don't have valid papers, or those won't be used.
    ❖ At the moment, there are 186 students housed. There are 53 teachers and 16 other staffmembers.

    Although this is a hard environment and there isn't much space for mental issues and care, they are not entirely unreasonable. The children can leave the school.
    ❖ They spend the coldest period of the year (half december - half februari) in a different country. Usually somewhere in Europe or North-America. The school will be divided in groups of maximum 50 and be stationed at a Quarter. This is not a break and the lessons (usually exams) will continue.
    ❖ The schoolyear ends on the 16th of June. It starts again on the 23rd of July.
    ❖ They get to go on a vacation in juli. It's three weeks long and they can choose their own destination (one that's on the list (15)). After these three weeks, school starts again.
    ❖ They often get a few days of during the year.
    ❖ Last winter, they went to Dubhaile, Scotland.
    ❖ Although it's not allowed, there are often parties for the students aged 15 or older. They take place in some of the old, not used buildings further north on the terrain.

    ❖ 6 years old: The children are shown a picture of a vampire. If they cannot see them, they are hunters. This is the age they are allowed at the school.
    Start of theoretic lessons.
    ❖ 8 - 10 years old: The children get their partner - with a maximum age difference of two years, although they try to keep the difference as small as possible - and a small brand of a moon on their right wrist. They start as soon as the youngest of the two turns 8.
    Start of practical lessons.

    ❖ 11 - 13 years old: They get to go on their first hunt, but are not allowed to kill anything - unless it cannot be avoided. They are guided by at least one more experienced hunter couple, who do most of the job.
    Choice of specialisations.*
    Theoretic lessons stop.
    ❖ 14 - 16 years old: They get to go on their first, unguided hunt. This is - after graduation - the highlight of their study. This is the moment their first kill happens. After this day, they go on a hunt every two weeks. They get a larger, but simple tattoo. Whenever they reach a certain amount of kills, the tattoo gets more detailed. (1ste kill, 10de kill, 25ste kill, 50ste kill, 80ste kill 100ste kill, 145ste kill, 200ste kill. After this one, a new tatto will be started.)
    ❖ 18 - 20 years old: They graduate. There's a ceremony each year, but I'm too lazy to think off that. They get another brand of a sun on their left wrist. Afterwards, they get a week to pack their stuff and leave. They are not allowed to come back for at least 2 years. However, they are allowed to keep their contacts and see their friends, just not at school.
    ❖ Ofcourse, not every student arrives at the school at the age of 6. The ones who are older get an adapted cousre. It's usually more intense and a lot more difficult as they get the same amount of time. Students who arrive really late, usually never become true Hunters and will become Teachers or researchers.


    They get a normal education, although it's a bit easier than usual. It's a lot of selfstudy and it's only the basic classes. The older you get, the more you have to do on your own.
    ❖ Math
    ❖ English
    ❖ Russian
    ❖ Science (Chemistry, Physics & Biology)
    ❖ (Human) History
    ❖ Geography


    Every student gets basic training lessons. These are the things the students want to train extra. Another basic lesson is survivaling.
    ❖ History & Research of monsters (H&RM): You'll learn everything there is to know about monsters, which isn't that much. This is a course that is looked down upon and not many students take it. The History part is quite extensive, but there isn't much budget and interest for the research.
    ❖ Firearms; History (FH): This is a course that cannot be taken alone. Students who follow weapondevelopment have to take it, while it's an option for the students who follow the course Firearms; Practice.
    ❖ Handarms; History (HH): This is a course that cannot be taken alone. Students who follow weapondevelopment have to take it, while it's an option for the students who follow the course Handarms; Practice.
    ❖ History & Research of Hunters (H&RH): You'll learn everything there is to know about Hunters, which isn't that much. This is a course that is looked down upon and not many students take it. The History part is quite extensive, but there isn't much budget and interest for the research.
    ❖ Kill & Conquer; Vampires (KCV): This is the course where you'll learn every detail about killing vampires.
    ❖ Kill & Conquer; Werewolves (KCW): This is the course where you'll learn every detail about killing werewolves.
    ❖ Firearms; Practice (FP): You'll learn about guns and everything that shoots. You also learn how to use most of them, and choose a few to specialise in.
    ❖ Handarms; Practice (HP): You'll learn about knives, swords and every weapon that doesn't require munition. You also learn how to use most of them, and choose a few to specialise in.
    ❖ Close Combat (CC): Here you'll learn how to fight when you don't have a weapon.
    ❖ Weapon Development (WD): Here you'll learn how to change, improve or invent weapons of all kinds and other aids for hunting. Students who take this course also have to follow the History of both kinds of weapons.
    ❖ Medicine: This is where you'll learn advanced first aid and everything else you need to know about healing and stuff. The students can choose how many years they'll take this course and when to start, as it's based at level and not at age.
    ❖ Foreign Cooperation (FC): This is already very specific. The students who take this course will be Travelers, which are some kind of ambassadors/negotiators. This course includes at least 2 more languages (choosing from Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish & French), communication and culture & customs. They also take two more short trips to other countries, in octobre and march.


    ❖ They have regular tests
    ❖ There are midterm exams in january and final exams in the last and first two weeks of june.

    ❖ To keep it easy, we'll just use the euro. I don't have a clue what the normal prices are in Russia (1 euro = almost 60 ruble, but idk how much a bottle of water costs, ya know.)
    ❖ Every student gets some pocket money. When they're younger than 12, they get 20 the month. When they're older, they get 40.
    ❖ Kids who still have a family, often get more money sent to them.
    ❖ The students can earn some money when they do chores.

    ❖ There are only teams when the interest is big enough. They play a lot of sports during training, but outside of that it depends. I'll go further on with this if people are interested.




    ❖ At least one of the parents has to be a Hunter as well. That's the only requirement.
    ❖ Hunters cannot turn into a monster.
    ❖ Hunters can recognize monsters, they're more fit physically and they are more resistant to pain and illness.
    ❖ At the proper age, they have to take a test. The results of this test determine the partner. Hunters almost never hunt without their partner and they learn to train together. They can, however, take different courses. Every combination (male x male, male x female, female x female, ...) is possible and there are no restrictions on the relationship between them.
    ❖ There are a few rules every hunter has to keep:
          - Humans have to be kept out at all costs. This means physically, but also by knowledge.
          - Werewolves may not be harmed when they are in human form, unless it's self-defence.
          - One bullet is better than two.
          - Never make a vampire go into a Tantrum on purpose
          - Never hurt a non-feeding member of the Colonies.


    If you've got the time and motivation; you can read everything about vampires and werewolves here. If you don't; just keep this shit in mind:
    ❖ Hunters recognize them because they do not have a reflection or show on images and film. This is uniquely for Hunters.
    ❖ They can die when you cut of their head, damage their heart enough or put them on fire.
    ❖ Their biggest weakness is sunlight for young vampires, and elektricity for them all. And fire, but that's kind of everybody's weakness.
    ❖ Hunters recognize them because their irises are completely black (not their entire eyes, just the colourpart). Only Hunters can see this.
    ❖ They can die whenever you hurt them enough.
    ❖ Only changed werewolves are a target. It's forbidden to kill a werewolf in humanform, unless it's self-defense.
    ❖ Their biggest weakness is silver.


    ❖ Only Tamatoa is allowed to open new topics, unles I ask differently
    Whenever there is an issue, send me and/or the person involved a pb or gb. Don't put it in the topic. This is not to silence anything, but I've seen (and have been on both sides, I'll admit that) it happen when someone points something out, a lot of people react to it. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can feel like an attack and I want to avoid that. Long story short; I'm sick of the drama, whether watching it, or being part of it. This does not apply to questions. (Don't spam me)
    ❖ Maximum three characters, with at least two different sexes
    ❖ OOC clearly indicated or do it in the Talktopic
    ❖ Mentioned in your post: Who, where and with whom. A special lay-out is not obligated.
    ❖ Your post only has to be at least 50 words. That's almost nothing, so I hope there will be more posts, as they are less time consuming.
    ❖ Posts and roles have to be in English. Everything else doesn't really matter. You can choose
    ❖ If you need more information about RPG'ing, go check this out


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    Pulvis et umbra sumus ——— We are but dust and shadows.

    • NAME
    Fergus Fraser

    Fergus was named after his grandfather from his father's side, a great Hunter. After he arrived at Borealis, Fergus introduced himself without a last name — forgetting about the parents and siblings that send him off.

    • AGE
    19 • November, 21

    Fergus was born on a stone cold winter night — when there was lots of snow. Fergus' zodiac sign is a Scorpio.


    • STATUS
    The Artist

    Fergus is a creative soul — he draws, paints and sketches with fierce passion. Next to that — Fergus is an inventor, he loves fiddling with different particles and making something bigger out of it. Fergus loves creating new weapons or improving older ones, but this more often goes wrong than right. Although — Fergus never gives up and has ideas flashing through his head all the time. Fergus loves tools and workshops — it is his version of Heaven.

    He is a creature of the light ——— with a darkened soul.

    ——— Geography
    ——— (Human) History
    ——— Russian

    Fergus has finished English, Math and Science — he loved those classes. Fergus has problem with remembering lots of stuff like countries, facts and Russian words — that is while he still has those classes with the newer Hunters (something he hates with great passion in secret).

    ——— Close Combat (CC)
    ——— Firearms: History (FH) & Practice (FP)
    ——— Handarms: History (HH) & Practice (HP)
    ——— Kill & Conquer: Vampires (KCV) & Werewolves (KCW)
    ——— Weapon Development (WD)

    ——— Close Combat
    ——— Firearms
    ——— Strategies

    Fergus is best where there is small distance between him and his opponent. Next to that, he loves thinking about battle strategies and is more than lethal with all kinds of firearms — but his preference goes to a sniper rifle.

    He was a rainbow ——— in a colorblind world.

    Alive — Blunt — Brave — Caring — Cheerful — Creative — Critical — Curious — Direct — Disorganized — Emotional — Enthusiastic — Flirting (without even realizing it) — Forgetful — Honest — Impulsive — Naïve (around girls) — Passionate — Practical — Protective — Revengeful — Social — Stubborn — Unforgiving

    Fergus is more alive than he could ever imagine since he was send to Borealis, he is enthusiastic and sees the good in people and the world around him again. Fergus is smiling most of the time, talking to whoever will listen to his words — for him, all people around him are the same (except for the monsters of course, he disgusts those).
    Fergus can be direct in social situations, which makes him blunt and hurtful. Although he does not notices that himself, he will apologize when he sees that. Next to that, Fergus can be a kind of flirting with girls without even realizing it. For him it is just being nice and he is bit naïve when girls are interested in him. Although Fergus is not looking for a relationship, he is caring and passionate — when he loves, he loves hard. Around the people he loves, Fergus is protective — sacrificing himself when needed.
          Around his work, Fergus is bold, creative and critical. Although he is not a perfectionist, Fergus hates failing and can be upset when he does fail hard. This is the same with his classes, Fergus knows he is not that good at remembering stuff — but he still gets mad when he fails a class.
    Fergus is disorganized and forgetful, but is honest about it. When he has ideas inside his head and thoughts, he can be Hell of a lot impulsive and stubborn — not thinking about the outcome of his actions. Fergus is brave and curious, looking for answers to unspoken questions.
          When someone hurts Fergus or someone he loves, he is revengeful and unforgiving. Fergus will never ever forgive someone who has hurt his feelings — for example his parents and siblings.

    If I cannot bend Heaven ——— I will raise Hell.

    Fergus is a lone male (around 185 centimeters) with long, strong muscles — which are most prominent in his arms and chest, due to training preferences. Fergus has multiple scars, most of them situated on his back — the largest one from his left shoulder blade to his right hip from the teeth of a raging Werewolf. Fergus has a pale skin that does not color much.
    Fergus has soft facial features, with full lips, a broad nose and no facial hair. When Fergus laughs, he gets small dimples in both of his cheeks. Next to that, he tilts the left corner of his mouth higher than the right while smiling.
    Fergus has dark golden locks, but dark brown eyebrows. Fergus’ hair is longer in the front than the back and hangs in front of his face while he’s working. Next to that, his eyes are dark brown with golden flecks around his irises.
    Fergus has his partner sign on his neck.

    • FAMILY
    Father — Mingus Fraser — 45 — Hunter
    Mother — Blair Baines–Fraser — 42 — Human | Nurse
    Sister — Rhona Fraser — 17 — Hunter
    Brother — Duncan Fraser — 15 — Hunter
    Brother — Mingus Fraser — 15 — Hunter
    Sister — Eilidh Fraser — 11 — Human
    Sister — Yvaine Fraser — 9 — Hunter
    Sister — Mirin Fraser — 6 — Human

    After Mingus Fraser walked into a human hospital wounded after a huge fight, he met nurse Blair and fell in love at first sight. Although she was a human, Mingus asked her to get marries short after their first meeting. Due to this, Mingus was exiled from the Fraser line of Hunters — who had great value for the Hunter blood. Mingus took Blair with him to an old, rural part of Scotland, making sure to her that he would love her until the end.
          Their first born son was Fergus, a creative little lad with the Hunter blood. But Blair and Mingus were not satisfied after that and decided to go on with getting children — six more later, their small herd was complete. But somewhat after their fourth child, the financial problems began. Mingus was not working, having no experience in the human world and with the income of Blair it was impossible to take care of all their children. Mingus decided to send the oldest three children off — Fergus to Borealis, Rhona and Duncan to his own father. Fergus is still furious about the decision of his father and reluctance of his mother to veto the decision to send him off. Fergus hates them more than all in the world — because after he was send to the cold land of Russia, his parents just continued with getting children and making even more financial depths. Fergus stopped answering their letters a couple of months after his arrival — refusing to acknowledge them at all.

    You are not amazed with the stars on a clear night? ——— Then we will not work.

    Fergus cannot keep off of smelling paint — he loves the smell and walks around with paint on his hands most of the time (thanks to his creative side).

    • FEARS
    Fergus is afraid of losing his partner, Sully.

    • HABITS
    Fergus is doodling all the time — on his hands, on objects or on other people. His arms and hands are covered in tons of doodles at all times. Next to that, Fergus is constant fiddling with at least one mechanical particle.

    • LIKES
    Cars — Cuddling — Doodling — Drawing — Firearms — Mechanics — Motorbikes — Movies — Painting — Rain — Sketching — Snow — Thunderstorms

    Adults — Dumbness — Failing — Families — Father — Heartbreak — Heat — Orders — Remembering — Rules — Seriousness — Siblings — Tears

    • Alessandra Flores — Fergus' training partner at Close Combat and the two of them are buddies inside the garage, working on cars and motorbikes (it calms Fergus down like nothing else). Fergus loves looking at Alessandra working during Weapon Development — because his developments end up in failure most of the times. Fergus' opinion is that he can learn Hell of a lot from Alessandra and he has great respect for her.
    • Nicole ‘Sully’ Sullivan — Fergus’ partner since he was ten, because of the fact that their test results were almost the same (except for the answer at one little answer). Fergus was more than ecstatic with getting a partner and from the fist moment he looked at Sully as the most important person in the world to him. Of course, he saw that she needed some time to get used to the fact of having someone close. But Fergus was compassionate, patient and never gave up on her — he crept up on her, slow. During fighting, the two are more than complimenting each other. Most of the times it seems like the two of them are two people with one set of brains, anticipating each other’s moves within seconds. Outside fighting, Fergus knows what is on Sully’s mind as well — with a single look he knows what she is thinking or what she wants. The partnership between the two of them is one without much words, their silence is soothing for Fergus — he knows what he is up to with Sully.
          Just one month back, Fergus and Sully ended up sleeping with each other. This happened at a night where the two of them needed someone — each other. It also happened without much words. It was Fergus’ first time and he does not regret a single bit of it. Still, he is anxious about it — because Sully never spoke of it again and Fergus is too afraid to break the bond between them to bring it up. Fergus knows he has feeling for Sully, he just is not sure what those feelings are. He likes her. Hell. He loves her and could not live without her. But he is not sure if it is true love.
    • Tansy Elizabeth Jenner — Fergus’ mentor at the theoretical classes, because he is bad at remembering all the small facts and stuff he needs to learn there. Fergus’ opinion about Tansy is simple: he thinks she is the most intelligent person in the Hunter world and had respect for the fact that she never backs down and wants to do her best all the time. Fergus is a bit ashamed of the fact that he cannot remember all the stuff at once and that Tansy needs to have patience with him. Fergus has made it his mission to show her he can remember stuff and that she can be proud of her pupil.
    • Valentino ‘Val’ Jack Lyne — Fergus’ friend, which he hangs out with a lot. Fergus and Val are both cheerful (at least, for the sight of the rest of the world) and Fergus likes that Val can laugh as much as he can. Fergus likes hanging out with Val, because he is a bad, big Hunter like him and he feels like a ‘man’ when he is around Val.

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    Eve • Eve is a French name for girls. It means 'breathe of life.'
    Marilyn • Marilyn is a Hebrew name for girls. It means 'bitter'

    Sixteen • 4th of June • Gemini

    French • Most of her family were born in French so Eve has the French nationality.

    The photographer •

    The cards say you're a piece of shit


    • energetic
    • sociable
    • genuine
    • defiant
    • absentminded

    • stubborn
    • quick learner
    • brave
    • honest


    Eve loves meeting new people. She's always been a sociable person. She will have known you all of five minutes and she'll act as if you've been childhood friends. If she takes a liking to you, you're stuck with her even if you do not reciprocate the same platonic feelings. She swears she's a good friend to have, she really does. The one thing anyone can count on with Eve is her honesty in who she is and what she believes. She would never try and change herself and doesn't pretend to be anything she's not, forever being a genuine person. There's an unspoken joy on Eve face when she is defiant, but you'll never get her to admit that. She's always ready to stand up to the man and what she believes in. It's not exactly for the sake of being confrontational, but she won't just stand around if someones being an idiot or an asshole. Eve has always been a little impulsive and reckless, that much is for sure, but it's only because she gets so caught up in her head. One can always tell when she's caught in her thoughts. She could actually be mid conversation with you and stop speaking because she's so absentminded. However, there is a side to Eve that she seldom shows. Her anger is all ice and very little fire. If she wants her revenge, you can safely bet anything that she won't stop at anything to get it, and mercy doesn't come into it. She's got a very focused mindset, and if you act as a barrier to that in any way, she will do what is necessary to get you out of her way. While she will give second chances, break that trust again and you should fear for your life. While she's not naturally smart Eve is stubborn enough that she'll figure out how to do something as long as someone is willing to walk her through it a few times. She's a quick learner, and exceptionally good at following directions. All in all, Eve is a good person, with a few personality quirks and a handful of things that make her a bit harder to love.

    height: 174 centimeters
    Eyebrows: brown
    Glasses or lenses: -
    Clothing style:
    Eye colour: green
    Skin colour: white
    Hair colour: brown
    Father • Thomas Freyz • 54
    Mother • Alison Freyz (née O'Neill) • 51
    Stepfather • Dan Roux • 57
    Halfbrother • Lou Roux • 13

    Paris, FR (0-present)

    Eve is the first and only child born to the duo of her hunter mother and father. Her father never fully acknowledged her as his own. He had a wife and the whole thing had been one long winded affair. Eve knows she at least acknowledges her existence as one of her race. Not that it’s much consolation.
    It was simply Eve and her mother up until she was three years old. Then her mother got married to a rich socialite man and within that short nine months, Eve's half brother was born. Growing up, Eve did anything she could to appease her mother. She had always seemed a little sad to her, and though she had a tendency to push her away, she was still her mother and she loved her. She knew she was hurt over being left by her father. In truth, she resented her father for every doing such a thing to her. He could shun him all he wanted, but he shouldn’t shun her. She wasn’t alone in the conception of her birth. And from what she could tell it wasn’t just a simple fling.
    Eve never had a relation with her step father. Hell, she barley had one with her half-brother either. In truth, she was the black sheep of the family. Forever the outcast. She never did anything wrong, it just simply had never been her world to begin with.

    ♦ QUOTE ♦

    ♦ S E X U A L I T Y ♦ Biseksual / more into girls
    ♢ L I K E S ♢ Nutella ● Dogs ● Lavender ● Sunny days ● Playing pool ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
    ♦ D I S L I K E S ♦ Flying ● Broccoli ● Loneliness ● Emotional stuff ● ● ● ●
    ♢ Q U I R K S | H A B I T S ♢ She counts things when she's nervous
    ♦ A L L E R G I E S ♦
    ♢ T A L E N T S ♢
    ♦ F E A R S ♦
    ♢ L A N G U A G E S ♢
    ♦ A D D I C T I O N S ♦

    Ik ben vanaf vanmiddag tot 18 augustus op vakantie dus heb hopelijk rond zaterdag/zondag weer wifi om de rol verder af te maken.

    [ bericht aangepast op 31 juli 2017 - 19:40 ]

    Some people in your life come as blessings, others come in your life as lessons.

    Who are you when no one is watching?

    ❖      NAME      ❖

    Val doesn't have a single drop of Italian blood in his body, nor any idea why he got this name (well, except for the day he was born, but it can't be really that, right?). He figured his parents had some wild dreams or something, but since they're dead, he can't really ask them about it. He simply goes with it and actually likes his name the way it is. He's also fine with being called Val or Vale, but he'll kill you if you call him Valentine. Especially since that one kid read The Mortal Instruments and bugged him for several months.

    For his second name, he has the theory the mushrooms must have worn of, or his grandpa must have been quite the man. Either way, his middle name is the most English name in existence and Val really hates that. The combination sounds ridiculous and that's why almost nobody actually knows it.

    It's also the last name of his biological father, since nobody wanted to do the paperwork to change the thing. He's fine with it, as he never really bonded with his new family, or any family for that matter.


    You learn a lot about people

    ❖      AGE      ❖

    Val was born on the 14th of february, 18 years ago. Yet, he tells people it's the 21st, because he's sick hearing about the obvious connection between his name and the day he was born. He knows, people, he knows!

    ❖      NATIONALITY      ❖

    He was born and raised in Scotland, until he was nine years old. His accent has worn of a bit, but it will always be prominent.

    when they don't get what they want.

    ❖      SPECIALISATIONS      ❖
    Kill & Conquer; Vampires (KCV)
    For anyone who hasn't lived with him before he came to Borealis, this might seem like an odd choice. It is known he is a skilled fighter who doesn't hold back, but yet he has no extra lessons in fighting. It's because Val isn't interested in fighting, he's interested in suffering and death. And since he can't hurt humans,
    he goes for the second best: vamps.
    History & Research of monsters (H&RM)
    Nobody understands what Val is doing in this class, not even he himself. It has nothing to do with death and suffering, yet his grades are excellent. Ofcourse, being the popular kid, he doesn't brag about it or even about being in this class. He simply likes the structures, history and how awfully politic vampires have been throughout the centuries.

    A man with nothing to fear is a man with nothing to love.

    While the previous course might seem like an odd course, this one isn't. At least, that's what everyone might think. As Val is known to be a helpful and kind guy, learning how to treat others and help them get better won't raise a lot of questions. He did choose this course as a part of this facade, but throughout the years he learned how to enjoy it. After all, knowing how to handle pain, also means knowing how to inflict it.

    Foreign Cooperation (FC)
    Although psychopaths don't have much personality, it doesn't mean they don't have different interests. Val has always been a curious kid and he can't wait to get out of Borealis and into the world. Also, if he gets to be a traveler, that means he might get permission to travel alone - and thus without his partner.
    He's also interested in power and politics, although his ambitions are quite innocent for being his.


    ❖      HISTORY      ❖

    I should probably certainly be in jail.

    ❖ Father - Silas Roderick Lyne - (48) deceased at 33
    ❖ Mother - Meredith Lyne - (47) deceased at 32
    ❖ Sister - Helen Sophia Lyne - (20) deceased at 5

    ❖ Father - Jonah Marcus Quill - 51
    ❖ Mother - Fae Odette Quill - 51
    ❖ Sister - Alessandra Flores - 18
    ❖ Brother - Dexter Barrett - 12
    ❖ Brother - Thomas Barret - 9

    0 - 3 years old
    Val's first family - the one he was born in - wasn't anything special. Both of his parents were hunters, who got two hunter kids. His sister, Helen,
    was a difficult baby, and their parents felt blessed when Val was born. He was quiet, smiled a lot and almost never cried. He did have some small fits whenever he didn't get something he wanted, but his curiosity made him easily distracted. They'd never know his true nature.
          When Val was three years old, a fir broke out. His mom carried him outside, gave him to a neighbour and went back in to save the rest of her family. She didn't make it back out, and neither did Val's father and five year old sister. He barely remembers his real family and even the fire is mostly a blur. He does remember the story his fosterdad told him about that night. According to his new dad, who talked to the neighbour, Val had been crying for a little while, since he didn't know what was happening, but soon calmed down and watched the fire. Jonah always mentions how disturbingly fascinated Val must've looked. He's probably not even exaggerating.

    3 - 9 years old
    Val's foster family is one of the most well known hunter families in the world. The Quills live in Dubhaile and protect the Scottish headquarter. Since his parents would've sent him over there to train anyways, it wasn't really a surprise Val ended up with them. One couple - uncapable of having children of their own - had already taken in a small girl the year before. She was a troubled kid, and that even worsened when Val showed up.
          There weren't many problems in the first years in Dubhaile, but as he grew older, it became clear something was wrong with him. There wasn't a lot that moved the boy. Yes, he was extremely curious about almost everything, but nothing really touched him. At first, they thought he was suffering from a trauma, like his sister, but it soon became clear he was just plain evil.
          As he had killed two cats, hurt is stepsister more times than they both remember and changed schools multiple times, they gave up on him. He didn't have a partner and since he never really bonded with his new family, he was sent off to Borealis at the age of nine.     

    9+ years old
    When he arrived at Borealis, he changed his behaviour completely. Within a month, he was known to be a nice, friendly and selfless kid, who'd anyone would like. His family was, ofcourse, surprised and suspicious, but as he didn't cause any trouble, they let him be. He got a partner as well, but since he filled in his test as his new self, she might not be the ideal partner for Val.
          Nevertheless, things worked out quite well, even when his sister joined the school. The only times his mask drops, are the days he spends alone, at home and with his girlfriend - although that relationship ended a few weeks ago.
          Since he left, he has gotten two brothers, whose parents had died during a hunt, and although he doesn't love them, he's pretty fond of them. They adore their older brother and really look up to him, since he got a thing with children.

    ❖      PERSONALITY      ❖

    Long story short: Valentino is a first class psychopath. He wasn't made evil, he was born like that. He's smart, dangerous and doesn't give a living fuck about others. He knows how to manipulatie and lie his way through life, only thinking about himself. He's not capable of feeling love, regret, sadness, pity, remorse or anything human. The only emotions he knows, are anger, joy, lust and surprise. Although he has learned how to control himself, he's very agressive and loves to inflict pain. He's also possessive and jealous as fuck.
          However, besides his ASPD, he's a cheerful kid who likes a good laugh. He's curious about almost everything and even with his interest in suffering, his intentions are seldomly truly evil. He has often other things on his mind and pain is usually not his priority. He just doesn't care when it happens. He has pretty normal dreams - traveling, seeing the world - and gets enough satisfaction from hunting. He doesn't care about people, but loves being around them and his mask isn't really a mask/copy anymore, although his intentions behind it haven't changed.

    When he arrived at Borealis, Val realised he had to change his behaviour, so he did. He became the nicest, sweetest, most lovely guy he could ever be. And he's actually really good at it, thanks to his cheery personality. He seems caring and helpfull towards anyone, never putting himself first. He's almost perfect, as the little cracks in his mask, make him even more believable.

    ❖      LOOKS      ❖

    Face & expressions
    His entire appearance doesn't fit him at all, which is only in his benefit. He's almost always smiling or putting on weird faces, and even people who don't know him, find him to be very charismatic. He isn't a photomodel, but he's definitely handsome enough.

    Body & voice
    He's muscled because of his training, but doesn't do anything extra. His stamina is better than his strength anyways. He's 183cm tall. His voice is like the rest of him: pleasant, charismatic and full of lies.

    Tattoos, scars & piercings
    [Besides his Huntertattoos (he's got them until the 127th kill), he has a lot of others as well, mostly on his arms. He also has a piercing in his nose and ofcourse he has a lot of little scars, but nothing that jumps out.

    Clothes & style
    He'll wear everything, as long as it's not girly, purple or pink. He doesn't really like fancy clothes, but will wear it, whenever he must.
    True evil is, above all things, seductive.

    ❖      EXTRA      ❖

    Likes & dislikes
    Likes: Fire / Children / Death / Suffering (of others) / Horrorfilms / Politics / Traveling / Computers / People / Himself
    Dislikes: Losing / Animals / People / Fluffiness / Romcoms /

    One day, when he was about seven years old, he got onto the computer of his dad. He has been hooked on ever since. He has a knack for everything that has to do with technology, and knows how to hack into everything he has ever encountered. Ofcourse, since he is a Hunter in training, that isn't a really big deal. Yet.
          He did hack the school system multiple times and increased the range of the wi-fi a couple of times. He also loves stealing people's phones and breaking into them. The things he knows..

    As a psychopath, he knows how to copy behavior like nobody else. Not only that, he can also copy voices. He has about a million of them, but barely uses this talent. He even doesn't fully realise it when he does. It usually happens when he's being sarcastic or when he's entertaining kids. Or when somebody asks him to do it. He himself doesn't really pay much attention to it.
    Obviously, almost no one knows how terrible he truly is. Even his family has only seen parts of it.
    Attempted murder
    When he was a kid, he tried to kill a classmate. He pushed her of the stairs with the intention of breaking her neck, but luckily, she could grab onto something and only twisted her anckle. He was obviously punished for this, but no one knows he didn't just have an angry fit.

    Apart from the instinctive fears everyone has, Val isn't afraid of anything. He only shows a strange curiosity to almost everything. Even the thought of dying doesn't make him feel uncomfortable. In fact, almost nothing makes him feel anything.
    Other things
    - He's straight.
    - He's a happy drunk, but if you do get him angry, he'll kill you.
    - He likes children and children like him. It's probably because manipulating them goes so smoothly.
    - He has a weird genetical condition that makes him feel almost no pain. This can be usefull, but also very dangerous since he doesn't feel when he's over his limits. He also has a high risk for infections, since he doesn't recognize the early symptoms.

    He's kleptomaniac. It's actually the only thing that got him into trouble a couple of times, although he knows how to talk himself out of it. He tries to stop himself, but can't help it either to take stuff that does not belong to him. Yet.

    ❖      RELATIONSHIPS      ❖

    After me, Hell should be easy.

    Hannah ❖ partner
    *wordt besproken*

    Alessandra ❖ Foster sister
    They have known eachother since they were three/four years old. She has known him before he put on his mask and he has hurt her multiple times.
    Yet, he was capable of playing with her like a normal brother, so their bond isn't completely fucked up. Nowadays, it's not that bad. They don't really love eachother, but can't picture their lifes without the other either. They interact in a pretty normal, sibling way, although it might be a little colder than you'd expect from Val.

    *character Cheryl* ❖ Ex-girlfriend
    For two years, they have been the most well known couple of the school. The nice guy and the sweet innocent girl, could there be a more perfect couple? Yes, definitely. For two years, Val dominated and abused her, without ever losing his mask towards the rest of the world. Although he was often sweet and even seemed to care, it wasn't a healthy relationship. Three weeks ago, [name] finally had the courage - and believe me, it was not an easy task - and broke up with him.
    She did it in public, as she knew he wouldn't accept it if there weren't witnesses. Ofcourse, Val realises he can't lie about the break-up, but he definitely does not except it. He's filled with rage about her 'betrayal', but he hasn't really spoken to her since. Or at least, not as the real Val.

    Name ❖ ???
    To be continued

    Name ❖ ???
    To be continued

    Name ❖ ???
    To be continued

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    Do not throw a ball at me ——— I will break a leg, get the flu and sprain a wrist all at once.

    • NAME
    Archibald Arlington

    Archibald was named after the twin brother of his father — who died in a hunt. After he arrived at Borealis, Archibald soon got the teasing nickname Archie — because of the fact he could not do a single Hunter thing with proper skill and people looked down at him from the moment he stepped inside the school. Archibald does not mind the teasing name calling from most of his classmates. What he does mind is the fact that he is named after a deceased, great Hunter and that he can never live up to his name.

    • AGE
    19 • March, 23

    Archibald was born on a soft, spring afternoon. Archibald's zodiac sign is Aries.


    • STATUS
    The Anti—Hunter

    Archibald is without a doubt the most terrible Hunter in the entire Hunter world. All of the activities at Borealis are Archibald’s own personal version of the Hell and no matter how hard he tries, he fails almost all the time he tries them. Archibald hates killing and weapons — even as a kid, he cried when his father forced him to kill a rabbit for dinner. Archibald is compassionate towards animals, humans, Vampires and Werewolves and will not kill unless his own life is endangered. Archibald is a real dork, duffer or goof — he has no balance or general orientation, is afraid of pain and stumbles a lot.
    Archibald was send off to Borealis when his parents came to the conclusion that their son was a lost cause as a Hunter. Archibald was told that he could come back home when he becomes a respected Hunter — otherwise Archibald is not welcome with the Arlington's.

    I am a bird without wings ——— waiting to soar between te clouds but knowing that it will never happen.

    ——— Foreign languages
    ——— Geography
    ——— (Human) History
    ——— Math
    ——— Science (Biology / Chemistry / Physics)

    Archibald has finished all of his classes a long time ago — he loved all. Afterwards he asked the teachers for more things to learn about their subject — Archibald is still following classes, but with higher material than the others because this is his strength.

    ——— Firearms: History (FH) & Practice (FP)
    ——— Foreign Cooperation (FC): Chinese & Spanish
    ——— Handarms: History (HH) & Practice (HP)
    ——— History & Reaserch: Hunters (H&RH) & Monsters (H&RM)
    ——— Medicine

    Archibald hates both the firearms and handarms pratice specialties he follows, but he needs to do this because otherwise he cannot turn back to his parents. Archibald fails this specialties again and again. Archibald calls in sick often during the previous called specialties — which makes him feel bad to the bone, so he goes training in the middle of the night to make up for it.

    ——— Strategies

    Archibald hates all kinds of weapons that are used most in the Hunter world — he cannot wield them and does not want to hurt other people with them. Archibald prefers thinking about strategies that make small casualties. Archibald is satisfied when there are no casualties at all.

    The feeling of shame on the behalf of another person doing something embarrassing or stupic
    or — as I like to call it — what people feel around me.

    Anxious — Calm (but when he is mad, he is furious) — Committed — Curious — Dependent — Disciplined — Dork — Emotional — Empathetic — Envious — Forgiving (too much and often) — Gentle — Humble — Insecure (about practical stuff) — Intelligent — Nerd — Obedient — Observant — Passive — Patient — Persistent — Romantic — Sensitive — Soft — Uncomplaining — Wonder (about the little things)

    Archibald is nothing Hunter like — he is anxious, dependent and a huge dork. Whenever there is a fight going on, Archibald will do his utter best to stop it without interfering — he is passive and patient enough to keep waiting until something (a task) is done when he does not want to do it himself. Although, when Archibald wants something, he can be persistent. Archibald is committed, to his friends and to his work.
          Most of the time, Archibald has a lot of emotions whirling inside of him — but he appears calm on the outside. When his emotions are getting too overwhelming, Archibald can explode — this can take two roads, he eithers gets furious and throws a tantrum or he gets sad and bursts into furious tears. Archibald hates it when he cries, so he runs off towards a quiet place when he feels himself getting overwhelmed — seeking solitude.
    Archibald is a sensitive, soft person who can be quite a romantic. When he is in love with a girl, he will go to the end of the world for her. Archibald marvels about the littlest things in the world — like a child. Although his life can be hard sometimes, he will never complain.
          There are a couple traits of a normal Hunter that Archibald does possesses — he is curious, disciplined and observant. Although this speaks to him more on a theoretical level. Archibald is quite intelligent and can be called a nerd. With almost all his capacities he is insecure, except for his intelligence.
    Archibald can be envious of Hunters who are the best in all classes, but he is humble enough to keep quiet about that. Archibald forgives others almost straight on, even though that others do not deserve his forgiveness.

    I am drowning and all around me people are screaming ——— 'learn how to swim'.

    Archibald is a long male (around 187 centimeters) with long, wiring muscles. Archibald has multiple scars, most of them situated on his arms and chest — due to failure in his training sessions. Archibald has pale skin that bruises fast. Archibald has almost no Hunter tattoos at all — which is not a surprise.
    Archibald has a dimple in his chin, full lips, a thin nose, almost no facial hair and prominent cheekbones that make his cheeks appear to be hollow.
    Archibald has light brown locks, but darker brown eyebrows. Archibald's hair is long and untamable — springing to the sides with its own hard will. Next to that, his eyes are a mixture of blue and grey — brooding like a thunderstorm.

    • FAMILY
    Father — Augustus Arlington — 53 — Hunter
    Mother — Magdalene Smith–Arlington — 49 — Hunter
    Brother — Spencer Arlington — 16 — Hunter

    Archibald Arlington was a fierce Hunter that was going to be married to Magdalene Smith, to go on with the line of pure Hunter blood of their families. But, during a hunting trip Archibald lost his life in a fight with a Vampire. Magdalene was devastated, even more after both of her parents told her that she needed the twin brother of Archibald instead – Augustus Arlington. Magdalene was heartbroken from her big love’s death, but knew deep down that it was her obligation to collide the bloodline of the Arlington’s and Smith’s, so just three weeks later the marriage was sealed.
          During the beginning of the marriage, Magdalene was distant and upset – mourning Archibald. Of course — it was hard to see his appearance all the time in the form of his twin brother. But, Augustus crept up on her and five years later Magdalene agreed to get a child together. Within a periode of ten months, a son was born. Magdalene called him Archibald, in honor of her lost love.
    Archibald soon showed that he was a Hunter, but just within his blood and DNA — he showed no other Hunter traits and his father got agitated more and more because this was not the son he was supposed to get (a Hunter wonder). Magdalene was crushed, this was not how Archibald should been remembered. Because of that, Augustus and Magdalene decided for another child – Spencer, a wonderful kid and an even more wonderful little Hunter. Archibald was soon given up — at the age of ten he was send off to Borealis.

    We are masters of our own thoughts ——— but still slaves of our own emotions.

    Archibald cannot keep off of Doritos — he loves the flavor of sweet chili pepper.

    • FEARS
    Archibald is afraid of a lot of things: bees (he is allergic to bees), big dogs, clowns, going on a real hunting trip, needles and thunderstorms.

    • HABITS
    Archibald loves to read more than whatever else in the world — he has got a book with him at whatever moment (even though he read it before sometimes). Archibald scribbles a lot inside his books — little doodles, notes and phrases when he needs to remember something or when something is wrong.

    ——— Chinese: fluent.
    ——— English: native.
    ——— German: listening and speaking.
    ——— Russian: listening and speaking.
    ——— Spanish: fluent.

    • LIKES
    Animals — Books — Campfires — Cooking — Cuddling — Documentaries — Doritos — Friends — Kisses (on the forehead or nose) — Knowledge — Marhsmallows — Reading — Sarcasm — Warmth — Wine — Writing

    Bees — Blood — Bullies — Comics — Discrimination — Dumbness — Excercise — Failing — Fighting — Needles — Pain — Parties — Peanuts — Romcoms — Sports — Surprises — Sushi — Training — Weapons

    • Alessandra Flores — Archie's friend who helps him out with emotional stuff. After one time where Archie ran off because of his emotions, Alessandra found him and managed to calm him down. Since then Archie has great respect for her and likes being around her. After a little while he saw that Alessandra has problems of her own and right now the two of them support each other if needed.
    • Nicole ‘Sully’ Sullivan — Archie’s mentor in different training areas, who has not given up on him (like most people have). Archie looks up to Sully and is kind of intimidated with her fierce behavior. Still, he respects her to the end of the world because of her Hunter skills. Archie looks at Sully with awe and listens to all she tells him. Whenever Sully is training Archie, he often ends up walking off because he is going to burst into tears — she is fierce, harsh and does not except failure. Still, Archie ends up going back to her all the time because deep down he knows this is the treatment he needs to improve.
    • Tansy Elizabeth Jenner — Archie's rival in the theoretical classes. Because the two of them are both intelligent as fuck it is not simple to prove who is better. Archie loves pointing Tansy at small mistakes because it makes him feel like he is good at something.
    • Valentino Jack Lyne — Archie's project partner, where he is afraid of because of the intimidating behavior. Archie sometimes point out a small mistake to Val (even though he knows Val does not like that). Archie likes the fact that Val is smart even though he is popular.

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    Ailsa Nielsen
    nickname: Aily


    Bubbles (this sounds horrible so imma think of something else)

    Medicine on one of the highest levels, firearms practise,


    good natured, a little bit naïve, very loyal, passionate, not booksmart, goofy, playful, peoples person, calm, sensitive, can be a bit crazy sometimes (the good kind of crazy tho), bubbly, attentionspan of a puppy, performance anxiety, not a fighter, sensitive, indecisive, excellent listener, empathic, lets people walk over her, ENFP/INFP, inner flame, guided by her principles, affectionate, idealistic, dedicated, too altruistic, free spirited, extraordinarly caring, dependent, likes small talk as well as meaningful conversations, highly emotional, overthinker, supportive, conflict-averse, warm, needy, too selfless, follows her heart, will go to your house at 3 PM in the rain when you feel sad, will lie if she avoids hurting feelings, spontaneous, altruistic spirit, soft spoken but has a strong opinion, often forgets to take care of herself

    ✿ Ailsa is verre van een vechter, wat ook blijkt uit dat ze ruzies tussen haar en anderen het liefst uit de weggaat. Het zit simpelweg niet in haar natuur en ze voelt zich haast al schuldig wanneer ze een spin vermoordt. Ruzies tussen anderen vindt ze ook niet prettig en wanneer dit uitbreekt tussen twee mensen, zal ze al snel proberen zichzelf er tussen te mengen om de boel te bedaren. Ze wilt het liefst elke ruzie oplossen en denkt dan ook niet zo goed na voor ze ergens tussen springt, waardoor ze wat een bemoeial is en zelf ook vaak in de problemen komt.
    ✿ Ondanks dat ze eigenlijk een bom van emoties is en die ook altijd vrij duidelijk van haar gezicht af te lezen zijn, weet ze in de meeste situaties kalm te blijven. Ze zal niet zo snel flippen over iets. Dit is in elk geval naar buiten toe, het kan namelijk ook prima het geval zijn dat ze van buiten kalm lijkt, maar dat van binnen haar hersens overuren maken. Door haar kalme, warme uitstraling voelen de meesten zich snel op hun gemak bij haar. Van binnen is het echter dus allemaal niet zo kalm, waardoor alles soms ineens te veel wordt en ze om een klein dingetje al in huilen uitbarst.
    ✿ Een tikkeltje naïef is ze ook wel. Ze vertrouwt mensen veel te snel, niet enkel mannen, maar ook vrouwen. Ze is het ideale "slachtoffer" van een deur-aan-deur verkoper of iemand die iets aan probeert te smeren aan de telefoon of op straat, gezien ze er zo voor valt en het product koopt, terwijl ze het eigenlijk helemaal niet nodig heeft. Ze is echt niet zo naïef dat ze niet weet dat er slechte dingen en mensen zijn, ze geeft alles liever eerst een kans. Ze is gewoon erg makkelijk over te halen (tot de meest domme of gevaarlijke dingen). Ze weet wel dat het niet slim is om te doen, ze vindt het gewon lastig om iemand een "nee" te verkopen. Dit zorgt er eigenlijk ook voor dat ze nogal snel over zich heen laat lopen en niet opkomt voor zichzelf, waardoor mensen makkelijk misbruik van haar kunnen maken.
    ✿ "Prettig gestoord" is soms wel een goede omschrijving voor haar. Ze is redelijk makkelijk over te halen om iets te doen wat niet helemaal legaal is (zolang het verder niemand schaadt). Daarnaast is ze een type dat op straat gaat staan met een bord waar "Free hugs" op staat. Dit niet zo zeer omdat ze aandacht wilt, ze vindt veel aandacht juist eerder ongemakkelijk, maar omdat ze weet dat mensen soms echt gewoon een knuffel nodig hebben en Ailsa geeft die graag, al is het aan een complete vreemdeling
    ✿ Ailsa is niet het meest heldere licht. Ze heeft veel moeite met school en heeft niet overal even veel common knowledge over, waardoor ze regelmatig aparte opmerkingen maakt. Dom valt ze echter ook niet te noemen. Zo kan ze bjjvoorbeeld met het grootste gemak de meest ingewikkelde films/tv-series uitleggen, en op zo'n manier dat iemand die het nog gekeken heeft, het snapt. Dit echter alleen wanneer ze zich er echt op stort. Het kost haar wat meer tijd dan anderen om dingen uit te vogelen. Sommige dingen zal ze nooit snappen, dus je hoeft niet aan haar te vragen wat fotosynthese is of hoe de stelling van Pythagoras werkt.
    ✿ Over het algemeen is ze erg opgewekt, wat duidelijk aan haar te zien is. Ze is snel enthousiast en zal niet snel moeilijk doen als iets niet op haar manier gaat. Haar amuseren is erg makkelijk, omdat ze de humor in kan zien van de meest stomme grapjes en al blij kan worden als een simpel madeliefje uit het gras aan haar geeft.
    ✿ Ze is een erg loyale vriendin en zal onder geen enkele omstandigheden haar vrienden en vriendinnen een mes in de rug steken. Als een vriendin of vriend van haar ziek in bed ligt, dan zal ze trouw bij het bed blijven zitten om die persoon te vermaken, ook al wordt het feest van het jaar gegeven.
    ✿ Het is moeilijk voor haar om mensen in pijn te zien, op wat voor manier dan ook, en als ze iemand ziet de pijn heeft, komt haar zorgzame kant al snel naar boven.
    ✿ Ailsa heeft echt een korte aandachtsboog (nog een reden waarom ze het niet goed doet op school). Ze wordt ontzettend snel afgeleid, van alles wel eigenlijk.
    ✿ Ze heeft bevestiging nodig dat ze wel echt nodig is, waardoor ze nogal aanhankelijk en afhankelijk is.

    — Height • 1.59 meters
    — Body • hourglass, c cup
    — Eyebrows. •
    — Eyes • big, sapphireblue eyes
    — Nose •
    — Lips • full and pinkish
    — Hair • goldenblond hair that falls to her waist
    — Make-up •
    — Clothing • girly, a lot of skirts and dresses

    Ailsa is opgegroeid in een klein dorpje in een van de noordelijkste punten van Denemarken. Ze komt uit een erg kleine huntergemeenschap, wat dan ook de reden is dat ze traint in Ijsland. Haar oudere broer ging hier ook heen, maar heeft vorig jaar zijn training afgerond.

    Guilty pleasures
    babysitting, hot chocolate, harry potter, musicals, eskimo kisses, christmas sweaters, soap fights
    cocos, attention from a lot of people at the same time, conflicts, too small dressing room curtains
    ✿ often unconsciously hums along with music
    ✿ never throws pens away eventhough they are empty
    ✿ she hugs trees when she's drunk
    Sucks at

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    To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered


    - Je kan inspringen, moest je rol nog niet klaar zijn/moest je het te druk hebben
    - Je mag in het Nederlands schrijven, maar alle dialoog en dingen die de volgende poster nodig heeft, moeten in het Engels.


    Oké, ik geef het op.
    Ik laat mijn rol treurend vallen :c

    ''With all due respect, which is none...''

    Feliks Ilya Konstantin Vasilyev
    the Slut | the Russian Prince

    Name —
    Feliks Ilya Konstantin Vasilyev. The Vasilyevs consider themselves to be Hunter-royalty and that includes long-ass names that no one can remember or ever cares about. Feliks might be called after some great-uncles, but he doesn't care enough to find out.

          Feliks | happy, fortunate • Russian
          Ilya | the lord is my god • Russian
          Konstantin | steadfast • Russian

    Age —
    19, born on December 25.

    Nationality —
    Personality —
    • Charming, will make your mom fall in love with him by just saying hi
    • Nonchalant, calm, down to earth
    • Likes to read, intelligent though you'd never realize
    • Big flirt, can't help himself around beautiful people, a Slut™
    • Quite arrogant, but how can he not be with a family like his
    • Very confident; 'insecurities, what's that?'
    • Protective af, will literally storm a stronghold for you
    • Hot-tempered, but in a cool way
    • Popular because he's actually a good and cool guy
    • FEMINIST(i know, it's sounds weird considering, but he is, trust me)
    • Sarcastic and sometimes a bit mean when he makes (or tries to make) jokes, but it's hardly ever his intention
    • Seems like a leader, but is actually a follower; though he can take the lead if he needs to
    • In short: a big dork

    Looks —
    • Athletic build, tall; about 1m90
    • Striking blue eyes
    • Blond, somewhat gingery short hair
    • Freckles all over
    • Jawline that could cut a bitch
    • Straight, dark eyebrows
    • Full lips
    • Often has red eyes because he's allergic to everything
    • Needs glasses to read
    • Wears the most expensive basic clothes you've ever seen; plain white t-shirts with a price tag of $200 and so on
    • Sometimes wears snapbacks because he's a Bro™

    History —
    Father | Zakhar Yermolai Dimitri Fyfor Vasilyev — 60
    Mother | Evgeniya Varushka Yelizarova Vasilyeva — 52
          Uncle | Mikhail Ermolai Demyan Pyotr Vasilyev — 57
          Aunt | Alisa Yuliya Baranovskaya-Vasilyeva — 55
          Cousin | Lev Nikolai Yevgeny Vasilyev — 30
          Cousin | Yerev Evgeni Sergei Vasilyev — 28
    Sister | Karina Yelena Esfir Lidochka Vasilyeva — 24

    Feliks is the only son of the Patriark of the Vasilyev Family, which immediately put a huge weight on his shoulder. As soon as he left the womb, he was shaped to become the next leader of the Vasilyevs. Yet his parents weren't home a lot and his education faltered a little, which eventually resulted into Feliks being send to Borealis. He parents thought sending him there would help his education and to put some discipline in the young boy. He'd expected to hate it there, but after only a few days Feliks began to love it. At last he wasn't stuck anymore in his family's cold and lonely stronghold near Kiroshevk, but around other Hunters his age and far away from his demanding family.
          About the family: The Vasilyev family is one of the most well-known Hunterfamilies and they are very conservative and tradition-bound. They even call their fellow Hunters brothers and sisters. The Vasilyev's are specialized in weapon development and have their own company called Vasil INC, owned by his father and his father's brother. Vasil INC is the basis of the weapon-industry in Europe and Asia, equally for humans as Hunters.

    Specialties —
    He takes all the practice classes and Foreign Cooperation.
    • Best classes
    Firearm; Practice
    Foreign Cooperation.
    • Weapon of choice
    The big guns; he likes the way
    they feel in his hands

    Relationships —
    • Ailsa Nielsen: Partner
    • Val Lyne: Best friend
          They used to have a lot of disagreements and were actual rivals, but as they grew older they became friends and even best friends. It can still be quite tense, especially considering Ailsa is Val's ex-girlfriend and Feliks' partner, but they have a good time together. Feliks also has no idea about Val's pyscho side.
    • Fergus Frazer: Best friend
    • Archie Arlington: Ex-fling/ex-crush
          Their relationships began as a secretive hook-up situation as Archie had never been with a guy before and he was still in the closet. After a while, Feliks began to want more, but Archie didn't want to go public, so they broke it off. Now it's a bit tense and a whole lot of awkward because there are still some feelings and attraction involved, however Feliks knows he doesn't want anything with Archie anymore if it can't be public.
    • Sully: Friends

    Extra —
    • Likes: sex, having fun, training, pizza, storms, dogs, soccer, watching tv, reading, singing (is good at it too)
    • Dislikes: being told what to do, expectations, wet socks, cats, funerals, high pitched voices, bigots, a lot of foods and animals and plants because allergies
    • Secret: Feliks has absolutely no desire to become the new Patriark and run Vasil INC. Weapon development doesn't interest him at all. He would rather become a Traveler and see the world.
    • Sexuality: pansexual.
    • Languages:
    — Russian, English: perfectly
    — French: very well
    — German, Spanish, Portuguese: basics

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    kindness is never a burden.

    Zou ik misschien nog een jongen mogen? c:

    Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking

    Ziegler schreef:
    Zou ik misschien nog een jongen mogen? c:

    Ofc (:



    Kit: Diminutive of CHRISTOPHER
    Nathaniel: Diminutive of CHRISTOPHER
    Powers: Variant of POWER

    Negentien, 15 november.


    Hij staat bekend als The Rebel, hoe cliché het ook mag klinken. Kit doet het liefste alles wat god verboden heeft en houdt totaal niet van regels.


    Arrogant • Adventurous • Couragous • Independent • Clever • Energetic • Helpful • Funny • Brave • Carefree • Easy-going • Genuine • Kind • Laid-back • Supportive • Honest • Careless • Extreme • Harsh • Impatient • Impulsive • Insensitive • Irresponsible • Mean • Narcissistic • Neglectful • Opiniated • Unrealistic • Vengful

    • Hij is avontuurlijk, een durfal en erg dapper. Hij is onafhankelijk en zou zich makkelijk in zijn eentje redden, maar zijn voorkeur gaat altijd uit naar gezelschap.
    • Hij maakt zich niet snel zorgen. Hij heeft een positieve kijk op de wereld en is altijd bereid om nieuwe dingen te proberen. Hij ziet het glas altijd halfvol.
    • Hij is slim en denkt snel na.
    • Hij is makkelijk in omgang, maakt snel nieuwe vrienden. Hij is oprecht en vriendelijk als hij je mag. Hij is eerlijk en zal altijd van zich afbijten.
    • Hij is iemand die overal een feestje van kan maken.
    • Hij is arrogant, ziet zichzelf snel als beter dan anderen.
    • Hij is roekeloos en extreem impulsief. Als hij nu iets bedenkt te doen, dan moet het ook acuut gebeuren. Hij is erg ongeduldig en is niet bepaald te genieten als hij ongeduldig is. Hij zoekt altijd, tot het extreme, de grenzen op en gaat er liever nog overheen.
    • Hij is ietwat ongevoelig en houdt niet altijd rekening met anderen. Hij is soms té eerlijk en zegt dan alles wat hij denkt, zonder daarover na te denken.
    • Hij heeft alles behalve verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel. Stomme dingen zijn nooit zijn schuld.
    • Hij kan in eerste instantie behoorlijk intens zijn. Hij is energiek en aanwezig, maar niet altijd op de meest positieve manier.


    Father: Sebastian Micheal Powers | 47
    Mother: Georgina Michelle Powers (Née Richards) | 47
    Sister: Annabeth Veronica Powers | 22

    Kit is geboren in een kleine jagerfamilie. Zijn ouders zijn altijd al erg streng geweest en wilden van hun twee kinderen de meest perfecte hunters maken die er bestonden. Bij Annabeth ging dit zonder problemen. Ze volgde haar ouders altijd precies en deed wat zij van haar verlangden. Sebastian was behoorlijk blij toen hij zijn enige zoon ook kon opleiden tot een gevreesde hunter, maar bij Kit was dit vanaf het begin af aan als erg moeilijk. Hij had meer interesse in andere dingen en had er geen behoefte aan om te luisteren naar de lessen van zijn vader. Hij ging liever zelf, vanwege zijn roekeloze karakter, zelf op pad en heeft hierdoor al meerdere malen dingen veroorzaakt waar niet meer over gesproken wordt. Uiteindelijk hebben Sebastian en Georgina ervoor gekozen om de jongen naar Borealis te sturen, omdat ze hun zoon niet meer aan konden. Hier hebben ze de hoop dat hij ooit als een gedisciplineerde jager terug zal keren. Het feit dat de familie niet erg rijk was, heeft bijgedragen aan het feit dat ze hem hebben weggestuurd.

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    Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking

    Woohooh I'm hyped because of this RPG, can I get a boy? Faceclaim Dominic Sherwood? (: Vampire. (If possible)

    - thank you for existing -

    Sombre schreef:
    Woohooh I'm hyped because of this RPG, can I get a boy? Faceclaim Dominic Sherwood? (: Vampire. (If possible)

    Je mag absoluut meedoen, maar het draait vooral om de jagers. Nu, op zich kan een vanpier wel een soort van verhaallijn brengen, maar dat is best een grote, idk, verantwoordelijkheid (?)


    Je kan enkel hunters want het is een school voor hunters.

    Nvm sorry, ik dacht dat Liesje al weg was ;x

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    To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered

    Ohh, hmm dan pas ik hem even aan in een hunter. Moet alleen ff beetje research doen dan om er een mooi verhaal van te maken. Ik zal vast mijn profiel posten want die had ik al wel, maar dan haal ik het vampieren gedoe even weg.

    Het profiel post ik zodat de mensen een idee hebben van zijn karakter etc.

    Is het erg als ik een hunter maak die een beetje een zachtgekookt ei is? Die eigenlijk niet echt een hunter wilt zijn omdat hij niet graag mensen/wezens pijn doet?

    - thank you for existing -